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The use of any computer system is very essential in these modern days. We need to depend on this platform almost for every activity. Without the use of this platform, we can solve any type of common task. Not only in the personal sector, but also in professional cases, this platform is very essential. This system is effectively used to store any type of file of the authorized user. You can manage the data storing system on this platform. But sometimes viruses may attack the PC. AT that time, your data may be lost. Besides, the occurrence of the hard drive crash may cause a serious problem to the user. To eliminate these types of problems, users may depend on the backup software.

Norton Online Backup

Norton Online Backup Review

There are many reliable companies available which ensures the backup system. Among of them, Norton Online backup is one of the trusted one in the world. This program allows the users to store the data and the files in the online server in an automatic process. The data and the document files are stored in cloud server. That’s why; there is no risk of attacking by the threats. For the better security of the sensitive information it allows the data encryption method. Besides, while transferring any file from the PC to the online server, you will feel no complexity.

Why to Choose

Various types of files can be backed up with the help of Norton Online Backup. Mainly the documents, images and media files of all formats can be backed up by this without any problem. With just one license of this backup solution, you will be able to create backups from up to five different computers. Like all the other strong backup solutions of the world, the Norton Online Backup has the automatic backup creating capability.

But that doesn’t mean it will create the backups of all the files on the computer hard drives. You can select several types of files and since then it will only create backup of those types of files from the targeted computers. Norton Online Backup does not offer the machine based restoration system. The restoration system offered by this product is fully based on web. So after creating and storing the backups, you will be accessing and restore those from any Windows or Mac device from anywhere in the world.

Norton Online Backup will also help you to transfer the backups to different computers. One of the most important features of this backup solution is when you will access the large amounts of backups it will let you find the desired files very easily with various keywords. The unintentionally deleted files can restore with the help of the Norton Online Backup very safely. It is not necessary to create the backups of the original files all the times because this product of the Norton brand is very useful for compressing the selected files before creating the backups.

The Features Provided

We based restoring system: To restore the files in the data server, you can take the support of the web system. While connecting to the internet, you can access on your server by issuing a fixed password system and username. Due to this security method, no unauthorized user will be able to see the files in your cloud drive. Besides, this platform can be used as a breeze. This means that you can transfer any file from one PC to another by busing this program.

File searching process: To find out any file from the cloud hard drive under this platform you can use the format of the file. Then you will be shown all the existing files. In this way you can easily locate any file from a lot of files. Moreover, this is just an awesome platform to use the data which have been lost from the PC.

Norton Online Backup

Main Characteristics

The main functionality of this program is the using platform. You can apply this program for the Mac system and the Windows system. You can manage the restoring method up-to 5 PC. Besides, the files can be stored with a scheduling system. That’s why; after a fixed amount of time, this program is able to store the file from the PC according to the defined file format.

System Requirements and Pricing Information

Norton Online Backup is not such backup solution which can work with only the Windows computers. You can use this to create the backups from both your Windows and Mac computers. It can work with different versions of the Windows Operating System like the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP and the Windows 8. Similarly, this backup solution can also deal with various Mac OS X versions. You can use this to 5 different computers on your home. 3 months and 1 year license can be bought considering the necessities. As per 26 August 2014, the 1 year license, which is very comfortable, of Norton Online Backup is available with price $49.99.