Linode Cloud VPS Review: Receive Cool Pricing On Software

The main benefit of the virtual private servers is these are available with private resources. As Linode is offering such features with their cloud services, so you can use those as VPS.

Different other things are there talking about these products. Most of the companies provide such services for very high prices. But you can get a VPS from this company with a little of your money. Most of the features have been discussed below.

Linode Cloud VPS Review

Linode Cloud VPS Review and Main Features

A single level of redundancy is not efficient and powerful. That is why Linode has ensured multi-level of that by using 40Gbit Network. For any type of VPS, the processor speed and performance is very much urgent. You may know that in the cloud market, the top quality processor is the Intel P5. This one has been used by this company for their product. Highly efficient SSD storage is another reason why you can choose the VPS of this provider. The control panel you will get will be very easy to handle. But that does not mean that is not powerful. 7 different datacenters have been used for the Linode Cloud VPS.

Some Additional Benefits

Many companies offers the main features discussed above. But you have to consider the additional features offered by Linode. These will help you to understand why the products of this company are so powerful. You will be able to use the rescue mode, which is very much efficient. By using this, you will be able to retrieve the lost data which may be lost due to the critical errors. It will be very easy for you to create copies of one Linode. That means the cloning tool of this product is very helpful.

Linode Cloud VPS

Security System

You can also use the imaging system to take the snapshot of the resources you use. Everybody does not love the same platform. You can try any of the CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Debian or others. Multilevel authentication has been applied to the stronger security of the VPS servers. It also has very effective and easy to use DNS manager.

Affordable Cloud VPS Plans

This provider offers different plans to the customers. Each of the plans are attractive and available for affordable prices. Here the main three packages have been mentioned. The Linode 1GB Plan is available for $10 monthly price. Here the 1GB indicates the size of the RAM included in this product. SSD storage of 24GB and 2TB monthly bandwidth are the other attractions of this one. CPU core number of it is only 1. If you want to get CPU of 2 cores then the 2GB pack can be purchased by $20/month. This pack includes 48GB space and 3TB transfer. Similarly, prices of the Linode 4GB and 8GB packs are $40 and $80/month according to this post writing time.