eAssistance Pro Review: Gain Fantastic Windows Platform

The web industry is concerned with various terms. Among all of them, the presence of live chat is a needed one part almost for every website. It affords the way to get connected with the customers and the visitors in a quick way.

This feature offers the way to provide the IP address, country name, pages visited, searching history of the visitors. All of these conditions support a lot to the site owners to gain the best profit.

eAssistance Pro Review

eAssistance Pro and Its Review

In this section, eAssistance is a flexible one solution as it affords the way to make the proper connection with the customers and the viewers with the proper collaboration system. It affords the flexible communication process between the owners of the site and the viewers. In the marketing section, eAssistance is very supportive as it offers all the needed conditions to develop the proper communication process. To discuss about the market condition and the product quality, it is very helpful for the viewers.

The available features offered by eAssistance

eAssistance issues all the needed features that are essential in the live chat management process under any website. These features are:

Live Chat: This condition allows the way to maintain the proper communication process with the viewers. Through the live chat format, you can know the user’s demand, customer expectation in the product feature, the market condition and so on. Besides, the query solving process, customer service can be maintained through this.

Visitor monitoring: This term is very essential and this is offered in this solution with the effective formation. Generally, in any website, you won’t be able to recognize the customers. On the contrary, you will need to ensure the presence of the customer through online or offline detection method. To ensure this process, eAssistance is very helpful for the site owners.



Traffic condition management

The proper effect of any online store depends on the available traffics. That’s why; the users need to manage the visitors to the corresponding pages under any site. To enable this term, eAssistance is very supportive as it assures some user friendly function for this section. Moreover, you will also get some more support condition under this platform like GEO mapping process, customization process, unlimited website supporting issue etc.

The pricing condition on eAssistance

eAssistance pro is supportive for the Windows platform with 32 bit and 64 bit versions. The users can use the trial version of this without the payment condition. But this is valid for 2 weeks. To get the full license, you will have to ask for the authorized section of eAssistance.