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ZoSocial is available here with a cool 25% cash back upon purchasing this product through the above redeem link. Then simply refer to the simple procedure given in the image below to get the ZoSocial discount.

ZoSocial discount

The cash back is chosen as an alternative of the coupon here, for your kind information.

A Short Review of ZoSocial

For collecting and dealing with large number of leads, you can follow various methods. Most of the businessmen and marketers are now using Facebook pages for this. But the thing is even Facebook pages are needed to be handled correctly for maximum output. Normal posts and contents cannot engage people for much time in the pages. But this task can easily be done by some interesting contests. Now creating and running the effective contests are not very easy tasks. It is best to have a tool like ZoSocial for these. So if you take this product you will get excellent discount which provides ZoSocial coupon facility. This product has the following facilities:

Very Easy to Use

There can be other similar types of tools, but perhaps, the it is the easiest among those to handle. Actually there are two main types of contests which are very much effective. One of those is the Timeline Contents and another type is the Contest Apps. The app contests are non-viral, non-mobile friendly and less engaging facility providing contests. On the other hand, the Timeline Contests are viral and mobile friendly. These can engage more people for longer time. But the problem is, these are not easy to handle. ZoSocial has the ability to deal with both these types of contest. This tool will let you create the contests in just seconds. All the posts will go viral very easily too and it can choose the contest winners very easily.

Totally Affordable Pricing and Discount

ZoSocial is not the only tool in its race. There are other solutions too. But most of those are offered for very high price. But in case of this product, you will be amazed by the pricing. For purchasing this for one year, you just have to pay only 197 USD but there is no discount added. This pricing has been mentioned as per 28 March 2016. From the date of purchasing this product, you will be offered the money back guarantee for 30 days. This solution is completely cost effective because it has no limitation on the number of campaigns. That means, during the licensed session, you can run as many campaigns as you want with this. And Similarly, ZoSocial is perfect for controlling unlimited number of Facebook fan pages.

All Important Features

This solution has come with all the important features. One of those is the list building capability. From the participants of the contests, you can easily collect the emailing lists. ZoSocial will help you to store those lists separately for future uses. With and without help of the 3rd party auto-responder tools, this product can send the scheduled mails. Its contest scheduling and performance checking capabilities are also very much impressive. ZoSocial is capable of dealing with various kinds of contests. Some of those are Trivia and Photo contests and Sweepstakes. With all of these, you can easily boost up your Facebook fan pages.

So ZoSocial is an excellent product and the coupon offer. Get the product with the ZoSocial discount and enjoy its features.