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ZenViral discount


This is an online viral marketing software which lets traffic to flow on the users’ website. It lets users to increase their traffic flow by allowing them to share their activity on various social media platforms. Some of these social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It ensures huge amount of movement to users’ sites with their intense programming with the software. The software starts working with three simple steps. Firstly, users need to create their campaign. Secondly, users need to choose their campaign settings. Lastly, users simply publish their campaign and ZenViral will start doing all the heavy lifting for the users. We have made it easier for everyone to purchase ZV by introducing the discount coupon. So, please avail the ZenViral coupon.


ZenViral App lets the users to protect their created content from being stolen. Let it be videos or just a text-based content, all of it is protected through this feature. Live Editor allows users to customize their ZenViral headline, video, images or even their social networks. This feature is really easy to use with little to no complications involved. Tracking and Analytics feature is a built-in tracker that allows users to follow their market and customer. It lets users to optimize as to where the customers share their activity according to their campaign. Free Traffic feature allows the users to share their campaign on a large scale, all over the social media sites.If the user wants to check their stats, the built-in traffic stats allows users to do so! All with the click of a mouse button.

zenviral discount


ZenViral involves unlockable gifts and coupons. This is where the user gets to have a chance of winning exclusive gifts and prizes. Some of these gifts and prizes involve: coupon code image, ebook and software giveaways. Creating campaign is extremely newbie friendly as there is no need to have any technical skills needed. Any major updates after purchasing ZV are completely free. There is no extra charge involved, unlike other software products. Accessibility is everywhere with ZenViral. There is nothing to download as it can be accessed online anywhere and everywhere on their secured hosted website. Users get to create as many campaigns as they want. They can also customize where they want to share and where not to.

Pricing and Discount on ZV

It has two types of payment method. ZV Monthly is a monthly subscription based payment of $29 per month excluding the discount. Zenviral Lifetime is an onetime payment of $97 which grants users a lifetime membership. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee. This lets users to try it out and be a verdict themselves.

In conclusion, please use the coupon to get this next-gen viral software that is developed in order to serve the marketers. If you want to have any more inquiries on the ZenViral discount, please contact us.