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ZenNotify Features and Review

Online marketers and website owners follow various ways to promote their products, services, and companies. Among various methods, email marketing has become very popular. But fact is, even email marketing cannot get huge number of traffic sometimes. Instead of all other solutions, you can use ZenNotify. This revolutionary software is a new one which can bring huge traffic to targeted software. As it is new and efficient, you can use this to beat your competitors. Tons of features and facilities have been added into this. So, please get the cloud based software with coupon and have ZenNotify discount. Some of those facts about this product are:

Cloud Based Software

There are some software which must be downloaded. There is one problem of those. Those cannot be accessed from any device and anywhere. Considering that problem, ZenNotify has been made as cloud based solution. That is why, you can get in touch with this very easily. Setting this thing up is very easy also. In just five minutes, this software can be set up. You will face no big problem while using this. It provides necessary codes which are needed to be copied and pasted. Multiple website support is another important feature of ZenNotify. The provided codes are usable on different websites without problems. To use this cloud software, your device must have either Firefox or Chrome browsers. It is accessible from Android devices using Chrome browser.

ZenNotify coupon

Advanced Scheduling Option

ZenNotify has very effective scheduling facility. Targeting audiences is a great thing. But it is best to target them when they will be active. This software can send notification whenever they become active. Then it will help to draw their attention to confirm more clicks and conversions. It has plenty of notification templates. Any of those can be used with or without customization. Important thing is, each of those will let you add logos if it is necessary. ZenNotify also has very useful campaign segmenting feature. It is capable of creating small groups of all audiences. Each of those group may be used for different campaigns. This product also has powerful analytics program. It can monitor each visitors with their interaction and conversion information.

Amazing Pricing Plans and Coupon

Actually ZenNotify has two differ packages. Basic Package of this product is available for only 27 USD. This package is for only 1500 subscribers and it has no built in invitation templates. On the other hand, regular price of Pro Package of this software is only 47 USD without the coupon. It is for unlimited subscribers and 5 high converting templates are added into this. As per 23 February 2017, Pro Package of ZenNotify is available with the price of Basic Package. That means, you are getting this powerful product by paying only 27 USD. No recurring fee is applied with this packages. So it is the right time to accept this launch time offer.

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