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YakBot Discount

Facebook Messenger can easily be used for communicating with a big number of customers. But, it is quite impossible if the number of customers is very big. In that case, you have to take the help of a Facebook Messenger chatbot. YakBot is a very impressive option in this case.

YakBot Review and Benefits

Nowadays, social media have become so noisy. It has become very tough to attract people with different posts because millions of posts are out there. To reach more people, you have to communicate through Facebook Messenger. It is very easy to communicate with a small number of people manually. But, as your target is to reach thousands of customers, you have to use a chatbot. Only a few chatbots are reliable and effective. Among these, YakBot is a big name. Its features are really impressive. So, please obtain the reviewed world leading FB messenger chatbot platform with discount and gain the YakBot coupon.


Real-time Chatting

You may know about different types of chatbots. Most of these bots are capable of working with Facebook pages. That means, these tools can interact with those people who like your pages. But, the target should be higher. It is more important to communicate with people who are not in your page yet. That is why, YakBot is more effective. It allows to share Messenger chat link directly on different websites. Even, you can send its link through emails and SMSs. Whenever, a person clicks on this link, he will be added to your Messenger. YakBot works restlessly. It will interact with every customer in real time. That means, every question of your customer will be answered even when you are sleeping.

Personalized Conversations

People do not like conventional conversations anymore. They will easily understand a chatbot is replying to their questions. Rather, personalized messages are more effective. A personalized message is a type of reply that is given on the basis of who has asked the question. As the question will be answered depending on the customer, customers will become happier. YakBot is able to send personalized messages. These messages will increase the conversion rates. A higher conversion rate will ensure a bigger sale.

YakBot Discount and Pricing

Along with all these features, YakBot has some additional facilities too. It has a Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin. If you connect this bot with Woocommerce cart, it will automatically track that cart. If a customer abandons a cart, it will track him. Then, this software will start sending reminders through emails, SMSs, and Facebook messages. All these features will increase the conversion rate even more quickly. Though YakBot is a very efficient software, its price is not big at all. You just have to pay USD 97 to access it excluding the discount. There is a money back guarantee to make your investment safe. If it does not work, you will get the price back.

So, Please get with YakBot discount and purchase the world leading FB messenger chatbot platform with coupon.