XTractor Discount: Purchase With Exclusive Coupon in 2018

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XTractor discount

Features and Review of XTractor

For promoting any business online, various strategies are followed by marketers and businessmen. Almost all those strategies have one common goal. And that goal is to get as many leads as possible. Extracting leads is not an easy task. People use several software for doing this task efficiently. But one solution is enough for completing this important task. The name of that tool is XTractor 2.0. This powerful program can deal with Facebook, the largest social media, to extract huge number of leads. It has come with some innovative and useful features. Besides, you can get XT with the discount coupon. The XTractor coupon will let you enjoy all the cool features of XT at a much cheaper price. The pricing of this product is affordable too. Some main facts of this solution are:

Work with Facts

There are many ways to get leads. But some reasons are there, why XTractor has chosen Facebook as the source of leads. Actually, number of users of this social media is more than 1.5 billion. In every minute, more than 1.3 million contents are shared on this platform. And for those contents, people give 500 thousand likes in every minute. More importantly, average spending time on this platform by these users is 40 minutes in a day. All these facts indicate that, this is the platform to get real leads very quickly. XTractor can find out and collect those leads automatically. Perhaps, there is no such tool to compete with this product for this task.

XTractor discount

Pricing Facilities and Discount on XT

To download XTractor 2.0, you don’t have to pay money. It is completely free but has some limitations. With this free tool, it is not possible to work with more than 100 UIDs or emails. Though this product has automation feature, but auto scrolling of it is very slow. To remove these limitations, Pro License should be purchased. The regular price of this advanced edition was $99/year only. But as per the date of writing this post, it is available with 50% discount facility. That means, now you just have to pay $49 per year excluding the discount for XTractor Pro. This solution is perfect for working with unlimited FB emails or UIDs. And fastest auto scrolling is another nice feature of this product.

Target Almost Everything

XTractor is capable of targeting specific person to every member of a group. Suppose you want to get a person as a lead. It will allow search him and then it will add him on the list of leads. We know, even reminder is a good feature of Facebook. This solution can extract leads from such events. Similarly, it has the ability collect every member of a group with its auto scrolling features. From FB pages, it can do the same very efficiently. XTractor can track a post depending on date. That is why, it can easily go to that post and get people from there. Similarly, you can get a huge number of people from various contents posted to Facebook.

In conclusion, use the coupon to purchase this tool that can extract huge number of leads and also do more. If you have any question on mind regarding the XTractor discount, please feel free to contact us.