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xSellCo Coupon

xSellCo Review

xSellCo is a program that has been designed in a way that can help the users to make the management of the customers better. Customers consider the external environment. The external environment of a company is that over which, users do not have any control, but change in that can affect the company. Therefore, customer management needs to be done correctly in order to keep customers for long term. So, xSellCo make a dashboard and manage the customers from one place from all the sales page. In such way, get the reviewed e-commerce help desk solution with coupon and obtain the xSellCo discount.

Important Abilities

XSellCo can offer the users to manage everything from one central place. The tracking of the customer is hard when users are using more than one sales page. Nowadays, it is quite normal that user’s might use more than one sales page in order to make sales. However, at the end users need to combine information in order to get all the records. Users can manage the information by using this tool.

Users will be able to manage all the files from one central place. The performance of the site is important to evaluate in order to improve the site. The performance needs to be checked after every fixed interval. It can be checked by this tool. Users will be able to evaluate the performance easily by using this too. It also provides the ticket volume so that users can know the range of the customer’s service. It will help to evaluate the sales and to decide whether to increase or decrease the stock.


xSellCO offers the users to respond to the customers in decorated message. Users can reply to the customers in customized message to the common queries. The generic questions asked by the customers sometimes can be hard to answer all the time. So to make it easier, users can create customized message for frequently asked messages. So users do not need to reply the message again and again. The ability to change the language is easy by using this tool. Users will be able to chance the language according to the requirements. Users do not need multi-lingual agents. As the team can discuss on the language they prefer.

Auto Response

xSellCo offers also to make the auto response to the customers. It is not logical to keep the customers waiting. Now users can reply the customer in automated message. No calls of the customers will remain unanswered by this tool.

Pricing Plans and xSellCo Coupon

xSellCo has 4 different pricing plans to offer. The starter plan has been cost at only at 79 dollars. The small licence is only 229 dollars. The medium package is only 399 dollars. The large plan has been charged at only 699 dollars only without the promo code. So all these packages are priced under this tool. This is the price range for the users.

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