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Review of this product

Xeoma is an application which can be used to make sure that you can make video surveillance in a flexible way. This application does not require any setup file or anything. You can make the set up anytime you want by this application. This application is a ready to use application. All you need to is to download the application. You can run the application after installation. You also do not need any kind of admin rights. You can use the application just after you download the application. Enjoy the cool application with Xeoma discount.

Core Abilities

It has many different abilities. People want the application which is less time consuming. This application is less time consuming. You do not need to wait for the application to be installed, you can start using the application right after downloading it. You also do not need to invest time to purchase it. Therefore, you also do need to any auto search the application. This application is easy to use. People want to use easy to use application because they want to make sure that they can save a lot of time. This application can be helpful to save time. You can save time because this application has easy interface and you can get the result real quick by using this tool. Therefore, you can save your time and invest your time any meaningful work. People sometimes spend a lot of money to buy the software which is difficult to use. It makes them suffer a lot and may take more time than the regular time.

Sometimes it takes months to master the application. Sometimes it takes years to master the application. Therefore, it may cause a lot of time and damage to the organization. Therefore, this application can be used as a time saver and to produce more output. This application does auto search and automatically finds the camera, therefore you do not need to put any effort. You can detect the motion by the camera. You can schedule the task in an application. All you need to is to set time and date and you are ready to go. Avail the excellent qualities of Xeoma with the coupon offer.

Preview and Archive

Xeoma allows you to select the area where you want to save the file. You can save files and at the same time you can schedule in what time you want to overwrite. At the same time, you can set the time that you want to keep the same file before overwriting.

Pricing Plans and Coupon

This application has three different packages. It has a Xeoma light package which has a 1 year duration. It is only 8.95 dollars in a year excluding the coupon. The tool standard package is only 14.95 dollars in 1 year. Xeoma pro is priced at only 44.95 dollars in a year. People can chose any of the package according to the need.

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