WPML Review | Avail Pricing for the WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Multilingual websites are very much useful for different types of businesses. Creating a multilingual website is not a difficult task to do. You can use the WPML for generating this type of website. This WordPress plugin offers so many features and facilities.


Review of the WPML

There are some popular WordPress multilingual plugins. But, all these tools cannot be strongly recommended for several reasons. Some of these are suitable to be used in some personal websites. But, these cannot handle the corporate websites. WordPress Multilingual Plugin is popularly known as WPML. This plugin is very easy to use, and it can be used on all types of websites. If you have a business website where visitors from different parts of the world visit, this plugin is suitable for that. Some of its main features and benefits are:

Supports Many Languages

Just like any other plugin, this tool can be installed on a WordPress site very easily. Just after being installed, this tool will convert a simple website into a full-featured multilingual website. It supports more than 40 different languages. Some languages have several variants. This plugin will allow you to add these variants very easily. Sometimes, it may be necessary to add different language contents in a same domain or sub-domain. WPML will allow to do so very efficiently. This plugin has almost zero compatibility problem. That means, it can work with all kinds of WP themes.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Translation Management

The state-of-art translation management feature is only available with its Multilingual CMS versions. For this feature, you client will be able to translate almost everything in your site very easily. WPML is capable of working with any external translation service. That is why, no visitor or client will face any problem to translate the website contents. The translation management tool of this product provides a side-by-side translation page. This feature is very much helpful for any kind of translation editing. On your website, there can be different types of themes and plugins. WPML can also convert the texts used in these themes and plugins. This tool is compatible with the WooCommerce Multilingual.

Affordable Pricing Plans

To purchase the WPML, you don’t have to pay much. Multilingual Blog Plan of this product can be purchased by only 29 USD per year. This plan offers some basic features only. Multilingual CMS Plan can be purchased by only 79 USD per year. Some advanced features like translation widgets and XLIFF interface are added to this product. The yearly renewal fees for these two plans are respectively 15 USD and 39 USD. Instead of these, you are recommended to purchase the Multilingual CMS Lifetime Plan. To purchase this plan of WPML for a lifetime, only 195 USD should be paid. Each of these three licenses is suitable for working with unlimited websites.