WP Offload S3 Coupon: Get Excellent Discount and Review

Get WP Offload S3 discount with the 15% cashback coupon. Once you click on the ‘Click to Redeem’ link, it will automatically take you to the product site. Select your license and after payment is done, please claim for the cashback discount as per below image.

WP Offload S3 coupon

Sometimes some WordPress websites become slower due to a huge load of media files. A slow loading site cannot engage the visitors. To solve this problem, WP Offload S3 is a strongly recommended tool. This plugin is capable of speeding up any WordPress site.

A Small Review of WP Offload S3

The Amazon Simple Storage Service is popularly known as Amazon S3. It is web based storage service where different types of files can be stored. If you can store the media files from your WordPress site to this web based storage then that site will become faster. To complete this essential task, WP Offload S3 can be used. This is an easy to use WP plugin which is capable of transferring different types of files from any WP site to the Amazon S3. Have this easy-to-use WP plugin with our discount coupon. The WP Offload S3 discount is going to be helpful. Different types of features and facilities are offered by this tool. Some of these are:

Minimizes Server Request

If there is a huge number of visitors on a WP site, the server has to deal with many requests. For this reason, it always stays busy to deal with these requests. It has to serve different types of files, including Zips, videos, and PDFs to fulfill these requests. For this reason, it cannot process the PHPs and serve any important WP page very quickly. Your site will become slower ultimately. WP Offload S3 is a powerful plugin which will automatically store the media files into another storage. It will serve these files from that storage whenever requested. Hence, your server will not get more file requests. And it will deal with the WordPress pages more efficiently to make any site faster.

Reasonable WPOS3 Pricing Plans and Coupon

Different pricing plans of the WP Offload S3 are offered. Bronze Plan of this product can be purchased with only $59 excluding the coupon as per 24 July 2017. This one is capable of dealing with maximum 2 thousand media library items. Silver Plan of this product can deal with maximum 6000 media files. To purchase this one, only 99 USD should be paid. Gold License is the most popular one and it is available for only $199. It will deliver up to 20 thousand media library items to the targeted websites. Similarly, other two plans of WP Offload S3 are also very much affordable. Each of these licenses are can deal with unlimited number of websites.

WP Offload S3 coupon

Powerful Assets Addon

WP Offload S3 has a powerful assets addon. For this reason, this tool can efficiently identify every requested assets. Very easy to use upload facility is another impressive feature of this product. It will automatically upload the contents of your site into the destination storage. After uploading these files, you have to control these files. WP Offload S3 will help to do this task from the media library on the WP site. An attractive setting screen is another advantage of this WP plugin.

Hence, please get the Amazon S3 plugin for WP with our discount. Hopefully, the WP Offload S3 coupon will be enjoyed by you.