WP Link Shield Discount and Fantastic Coupon in 2018

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WP Link Shield discount

WP Link Shield and the Review

WP Link Shield is defined as a link cloaker for the WordPress platform. This plugin uses all the latest technology to protect the user’s links from common blocking, devaluation and aggressive scanning. In this time, you can consider this as a smartest one link cloaker inside the whole market. The latest version of this plugin ensures live fb preview, traffic statistics, social sharing formulas and other various features. So, please take the link cloaking & management tool plugin software with discount and kindly obtain WP Link Shield coupon.

Fabulous Understanding on This

WP Link Shield ensures a wide range of features to maintain link cloaking activities. It doesn’t apply redirect functionality. That’s why; any visitor won’t be able to see any raw unaffiliated link. This is really an innovative one condition under this plugin. This plugin is compatible with social media. That’s why; you can also integrate the needed description under the Meta tags as well as the images. To make any affiliate link natural, this ensures some supportive conditions. Due to having this feature, the available links can be established with own site name or custom brand.

WP Link Shield discount

After that, WP Link Shield is compatible with any responsive site. In fact; it performs its own activity in a natural way. In most cases, traditional link cloakers break down in mobile sites. But WP Link Shield is a totally exception in this case. Here, it won’t preview the raw links in any browser. This feature is not available inside common link cloaker. It allows any user to edit the Meta images as well as the descriptions. These processes are very supportive to maximize the social clicks. It allows any user to block the exit pops. To assure site branding with the needed keywords, this is a dependable one for any marketer.

At a Glance on WP Link Shield

WP Link Shield is very simple to use. It prevents any marketer from commission losses through browser switching and link sharing. To block the needed exit pops, it offers some quick options. Here, built-in reporting system is enabled. To boost up the social CTR, it ensures full controlling power to the users. If any user wants, then s/he can change the redirect option for any specific link. In fact; link harvesting process is strictly maintained with the support of this plugin.

Pricing Level of This Tool and Discount

To get this product, you need to pay only $47 excluding the discount. It ensures all the needed supports and up-gradation features for the premium owners. So please purchase with WP Link Shield discount. Also get the link cloaking & management tool plugin software with coupon.