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WP Gateway Secure discount

Review of WP Gateway Secure

We all love to create websites with the help of WordPress. For amazing flexibility and ease of use, this CMS has achieved unmatched popularity. But every good thing has some bad sides. If you think that, WP sites are highly secured, it will be a great mistake. No WP site is protected until or unless a hacker protection tool is not used. It can be the perfect choice for this task. Perhaps, it offers easiest and strongest protection facility for WordPress. Get WP Gateway Secure with the discount coupon. You can save some money while using the WP Gateway Secure coupon for making the purchase. There are so many advantages of using this solution. Some main features of this are:

Work Like Pro

Many people think that protecting websites from hackers is a very difficult task to do. But WP Gateway Secure has proved it wrong. JackHopman has made this solution so amazingly that you can control this by only clicks. To secure entire WordPress sites, you just have to provide three mouse clicks. And for doing so, not coding experience will be required. Normally hackers hack any website virtually. This tool can stop that for good. You can use this to any kind of websites. Specially, it is perfect for business sites where plenty of contents and client data are stored. All these steps will completed by WP Gateway Secure by its own. After your few clicks, it will lock targeted sites in just minutes.

WP Gateway Secure discount

Multiple Pricing Plans and Discount

Three available licenses of WP Gateway Secure are very attractive and offered for a reasonable price. With all basic features, Basic License of it is available for only $9.97. This license supports 10 installs. But you can use this only for personal sites. Advanced License of this product is available for $27 only without any kind of promo code. It has come with 36 layers of protection. And it can be installed 50 times in total. But it is also for only personal sites. To use the tool in personal and client’s sites, you have to purchase Advanced Pro license. This one is available for only 37 USD as per 10 January 2017. Another important thing about this license is, it supports unlimited installs.

Advanced License Features

Advanced and Advanced Pro licenses of WP Gateway Secure have come with some additional features. This product can block the threshold and messages. Sometimes, you can ban massages with the help of this solution. Whenever any hack attempt will be there, this solution can send you email. Login form should be protected to block hackers. These advanced editions of WPGS will protect those forms with CAPTCHA. Sometimes, emails cannot be sent if IP is blocked. But this problem can be solved very easily. You will be allowed to set CAPTCHA styles. All features of Basic Edition are added in these. So these are highly recommended for all kinds of business WP sites.

In conclusion, get WP Gateway Secure with our coupon offer. We hope the WP Gateway Secure discount will be loved by you.