WP Astra Discount: Receive Suitable Coupon and Review

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WP Astra Discount

For generating different kinds of websites, we can take help from WordPress. Some impressive themes are there, which can convert any simple WP site into a desired one. WP Astra is capable of generating any website in a quick time.

Review and Features of WP Astra

Compared to some years back, website creating has become easier now. People love to create any type website with the help of WordPress. So many themes are also available for this task. An ordinary WP theme is capable of generating only a specific type of website. There are some advanced products, which is capable of creating various types of sites. WP Astra is one of these advanced products. Due to its advanced features and facilities, website creating has become just a matter of minutes. So, please acquire the reviewed best wordpress page builder theme with discount and avail the WP Astra coupon. Let’s have a look at its features:

Multi-Design Theme

WP Astra is not a theme with only one design. This product supports multiple designs. That is why, you can use this product to generate some websites with different designs. For changing the design of a site, there is no need to implement any kind of coding experience. This important task can be done from the WordPress customizer very easily. An impressive page builder has been added with WP Astra. This page customizer tool will help to hide all kinds of title bars and sidebars. That means, some full width pages can be generated by it. This theme will allow you to import some readymade websites and customize these. As it is a lightweight product, it will not make any website slow.

wp astra

Astra Pro Addon

We already know that WP Astra comes with some very advanced features. You can make it more powerful by integrating with the Astra Pro, which is a premium addon. This addon can add a transparent header on any website. Sometimes, it may become necessary to add some sticky header. This task can also be done by this premium tool. Similarly, this addon is capable of adding some page header and advanced footer. In case of some content rich pages, you can add some scroll to the top links. By using these links, a visitor can go to the top of a page.

Pricing and WP Astra Discount

Though WP Astra is a feature rich theme, this is a free product. But, you cannot enjoy the Astra Pro Addon with this free product. To purchase this add on, you can buy any of the two available plans. Its Annual License is available for only $49 as per November 6, 2017 except the discount.  It also has a 20% discount for every renewal. Compared to this one, the Lifetime License of this addon is more impressive. To purchase this one, only $199 should be paid once. Both these licenses are suitable for working with unlimited websites. That is why, it is a must have addon for WP Astra.

Finally, please purchase with WP Astra discount. In the conclusion, buy the best wordpress page builder theme with coupon.