WP Advanced Ads Discount: Avail Nice Coupon and Pricing

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WP Advanced Ads Discount

When you are running any blog, you will observe a lot of opportunities to earn money. Among of them, the most popular one platform is displaying ads on your corresponding site. At the initial level, previewing and managing the available ads is quite easy. But, in the professional section, you need to depend on a tool which can simply manage the available ads with potential capabilities. WP Advanced Ads is such a powerful plugin for managing ads in any WordPress site. This is an active one tool which is available on WordPress.org. It can work with all the popular platforms while including Amazon and Adsense. Besides, you can also use this tool for managing your own ads. Hence, please take the reviewed responsive ad serving WordPress plugin solutions with discount and obtain the WP Advanced Ads coupon.

Overview of WP Advanced Ads

WP Advanced Ads is a popular one plugin for the WordPress users. Currently, this is running on 50,000+ WP sites. Therefore, it has occupied a lot of positive feedback from the available users. This ads managing platform is totally handy for any beginner level WP users and the marketers. This lightweight plugin contains many user friendly functionalities. Moreover, it also offers some salient features which can’t be found in other ad management tool. With this solution, you will be able to create and display an unlimited number of ad units. In fact; it creates the opportunity to inject ads in any specific areas within your site.

WP Advanced Ads

Available Features Available Here

After installing WP Advanced Ads, users will observe a new window named as Advanced Ads. Here, you can manage Ads, Placements and the Rotations criteria. Here, inside new ad creation, some systematic conditions are available here. It asks any user which type of ad s/he is going to create. In this case, a lot of variations are available like plain text, AdSense ad, Rich content, Image Ad and Ad group. The next section is placement section. It defines where your ads are needed to show and how they can be managed in a proper way. The last criterion is rotation activity which defines how you can rotate different ads with different dimensions and condition base. Within ad formats and the types of slots, you will observe 6 different categories. By depending on your own requirement, you can pick up the needed one. Here, there is an advanced level condition which is scheduling criteria and the expiry date for any specific ad or group of ads.

WP Advanced Ads Discount and Pricing

WP Advanced Ads offer three different plans. These are: Advanced Ads Pro, All Access (Single site) and All Access long-term. If you wish to purchase the pro version, then you will have to pay only 39 Euro without any kind of promo code. For purchasing All Access for a single site, you need to pay 69 Euro. With 169 Euro, you can purchase the license of All Access long-term.

So, Please get with WP Advanced Ads discount. Afterall kindly take the responsive ad serving WordPress plugin solutions with coupon in 2022.