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WorkBright Coupon

Are you trying to build up a new company while depending on traditional HR software? Then, a lot of real life questions may arise in front of you to overcome the generic HR software problems. To handle all these limitations, today I will introduce to you an effective one product which is WorkBright. This is a helpful one solution for the new employees. It assures them the way to use their corresponding mobile devices for the task of onboarding procedures. With this, now the new hires can use the smart phones to take and upload the available photographs of related documents and the signature. Besides, API allows the available users to integrate the associated solutions with ERP, ATS and the payroll systems. In such way, have the reviewed cloud based human resource (HR) onboarding solution with coupon and obtain the WorkBright discount.

Review of WorkBright

WorkBright is considered as a cloud based onboarding platform having integrated ATS. It assists the available employees to submit the necessary forms before they officially start their activities in that specific company. Therefore, it’s also very helpful to hire the managers in order to advertise the available open positions through online procedure. In order to accept applications from the interested talents, it issues the systematic formulas. Besides, this tool is also supported with the applicant tracking facility.


Available Features Offered Here

One of the essential features of WorkBright is the mobile friendly design format. This condition helps the available companies to track down their employees. In order to complete the form submission process, this criterion is also helpful. The next feature is a digital signature. With WorkBright, available managers and the executives can place their specific signature on the document files. This is placed on the right portion of their computer screen or the mobile device. This facility removes the hassle of user authentication as well as the approval process of valid documents.

The next term is paperless uploads which means the users can upload all of their information, certificates and other documents within this system. So, the employee information will be updated all the time and this information can easily be modified whenever it is needed. The following term is automated email notifications. If any document is outdated or file is missing, then s/he will be notified with specific email. This task is maintained here with proper criteria and scheduling process. Then, you will observe audit ready solution facility. Moreover, integrated ATS and custom integration features are also offered within this. Most of all, all these information can be previewed with a reporting format.

WorkBright Coupon and Pricing

If you hire maximum 100 employees in each year, then you have to pay $79-$150/month for onboarding and $99-$158 for ATS per month without the promo code. You can use the trial version of WorkBright. Most of all, you can choose the custom plan by depending on your requirements.

Therefore, please obtain with WorkBright coupon. Eventually, purchase the cloud based human resource (HR) onboarding solution with discount.