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Wing FTP Server Linux and its Activities

In case of organizing the STP server management process, Wing FTP Server is a reliable platform. This active server is very supportive for the users. It offers the facilities for many platforms. Among all of them, the software is very popular with the users. It issues various types of protocols in case of file transmission process like FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS and so on. Through these protocols, you will be easily managing the connecting process among the end users and the servers simply. Besides, the admin can easily control the activities of the server from a remote place with the simple terms. Moreover, the server activities and the performance can be monitored easily with the online session management process. All these activities can be observed through the email notification process. Get the amazing Wing FTP Server for Linux with our coupon offer.

This Solution At a Glance

This is very effective for the small business section to the large enterprise case. A wide range of file transmission processes are available under this. Due to the facility of Linux based OS; the server section will be kept in secure mood all the time. Besides, the activities between the clients and the admins will be managed simply here. Enjoy all of these effective features cheaply with the Wing FTP Server for Linux discount.

The Sequential Features

Wing FTP Server for Linux is very helpful for supporting multiple protocols like SFTP, HTTP, FTP and the other related sections. For the admin section, it has offered the facility for controlling the administration section from a remote section. This process can be handled with the scheduled format. For the client section, some supportive issues are also provided like flexible file transfer process, communication process and so on. In case of task scheduling system, you can depend on Lua scripts. Through this process, you will get the term to maintain any specific action in a defined time. Moreover, the programmable event management process is also assured here. To assure the best security system, here multiple authentication system is managed. Moreover, some more features can be gained like auditing system, reporting issue, real time informing process, multi language supporting issue and so on.

Coupon Code & Pricing

Under Wing FTP Server for Linux, you will get almost three versions like Standard version, secure edition and corporate edition. Inside the Standard edition of Wing FTP Server for Linux, you will get various packages. For a single license, only $199 is needed excluding the coupon. For 3 and 5 packages, you will have to offer only $537 and $796 sequentially. Inside the Secure edition, $459 is needed for a single license. For 2 licenses, $872 is needed. If you want to get 3 and 5 licenses, then you need $1239 and $1836 sequentially. Under Corporate Edition, by paying $899 is needed/license.

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