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weDevs Coupon

In the web development industry, many platforms are available by which users can create stunning website. Here, your website development can be initiated in the personal case or the business sector. Among all of the existing platforms, WordPress is a popular one and suitable one solution suggested by the developers. It allows some flexible way to use various types of themes as well as the plugin by which the development tasks can be handled in a simple manner. To get the powerful and professional one theme and the plugin for WP section, weDevs is a dependable one solution. This platform creates a professional base plugin and the theme which is really effective to empower your business. Hence, please take the reviewed powerful WordPress plugin with coupon and gain the weDevs discount.

Review of weDevs and Benefits

weDevs is a reliable one place where you will find all the needed themes and the plugins. These solutions are totally open source. Besides, the developer team of this platform is always ready to assure maximum customer support. These products are totally featured-rich and user friendly. So, without any doubt, users can pick the suitable one product from weDevs.

Available Products and the Features

Dokan: This is a needed one solution for the e-commerce owners. By depending on this theme, you can create your own marketplace in the online industry. It assures intuitive design as well as the interface which makes it simple for the beginner level users. Most of all, this theme is totally designed with automated functionalities.

weForms: This product is suitable as a contact form builder. The overall designing process of this product is really amazing. You can use this plugin for various purposes like contact forms, admission forms, job listing form etc. This is a fastest one form builder having a powerful UI design.


WP Project Manager: If you are acting as a project manager in any company, then you can use this powerful solution. weDevs has issued all the required features within this product. Through this product, there is the way to collaborate with the web based projects having project based tracking tool.

Moreover, you will also find WP User Front-end Pro which is mainly available in the front end designing part of any WordPress site.

weDevs Coupon and Pricing

First Consider the product Dokan. Here, four different plans are available. These are: Starter, Professional, Business and Enterprise. To avail these plans, you need to pay $149/year, $249/year, $499/year and $999/year sequentially. Within WP user front-end Pro, three different plans (Personal $49/year, $89/year and $159/year) can be found without the promo code. Inside weForms, you will find 4 plans. These are: Personal, Professional, Business and Developer. These are available with the price of $39/year, $79/year, $149/year and $399/year sequentially. The last solution is WP Project Manager Pro. This product can be purchased with 3 different plans. Such as: Personal $79/year, Professional $149/year and Business $249/year.

Finally, please obtain with weDevs coupon and have the powerful WordPress plugin with discount.