Website Watcher Coupons, Discount Codes | May 2022 Promo

Obtain 5% cashback providing as the Website Watcher coupon. Please see following WW image for this coupon proceeding.

Website Watcher Coupon

Website users and creators may need to detect certain changes in their targeted webpages. Checking the changes manually is a very time consuming task. There is an efficient software that can do it with ease. The name of that software is Website Watcher.

Review of Website Watcher

Suppose, you own a website that is used by multiple users. Different users may add different files and contents on any page of that site. As an administrator, you have to monitor these changes. Similarly, there can be a very important website for you. As a user, you may need to monitor every change. Website Watcher is a useful tool for both these cases. This software has lots of essential features. Please purchase the reviewed  powerful website monitoring tool with coupon and obtain the Website Watcher discount.

Versatile Monitoring

Website Watcher is able to check every change on targeted sites. No matter what the type of a webpage is, this software will check every change on that. We know that website monitoring tools are capable of detecting changes in HTML files. But, sometimes there can be some new PDF files on a page. To detect such changes, this software converts every PDF file into HTML first. Then, it will show the changes very easily. Similarly, it can also convert Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages into RSS Feeds. So, you will face no problem to monitor any change regarding these pages. Website Watcher comes with a screenshot method. It automatically takes screenshots to detect any change or update comparing with the screenshots taken previously.

Website Watcher

Easy Controlling

Lots of check features are added in this software. Users are allowed to set specific intervals for every check. As an example, you can set it for checking after every five minutes. On the other hand, a particular time in a day or a particular day in a week can be set for checking. Sometimes, a user may need to get notifications whenever a certain keyword is found on a page. To meet this demand, Website Watcher has a keyword checker facility. Similarly, a user may need to check changes in a certain type of content. This software will detect that as well.

Website Watcher Coupon and Pricing

Three paid licenses of Website Watcher are available. The Basic License is obviously available basic features only. You have to pay only €29.95 to access this one for a single user. Compared to this one, the Personal License comes with more features. For example, the AutoWatch facility is added in it. This powerful product also supports scripting languages and secured bookmark files. Its price is only EUR 49.95 per user excluding the coupon. Sometimes, you may need to purchase Website Watcher for personal and commercial projects. In that case, only €99 should be paid for a single user. This one has a volume discount facility also. That means, you will get it for a discounted price if you purchase this license for multiple users or sites.

Therefore, please gain with Website Watcher coupon and get the powerful website monitoring tool with discount.