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Webinars OnAir Coupon

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Webinars OnAir Features and Review

Webinars are the seminars on web which can be attended by different parts of the world. These have become very popular because people do not have to spend lots of their money to physically attend. There are several tools which can help you to create these seminars. But only a few of those are created especially for the Google+ Hangouts. One of those very few tools is the Webinars OnAir. This amazing software offers all the necessary and advanced features. For any kind of web seminars, this can be used without problems. So if you think the product is suitable for you, please make a purchase with the Webinars OnAir coupon. Some major features and benefits of this software are:

Paid Webinars Creation

The Webinars OnAir is not such software which can create only the free web seminars. This is very efficient for making the paid seminars for large number of attendees. List maintaining is very important for the seminars. As these are for the worldwide visitors, people from anywhere and anytime can register for those. So it will be very difficult for you to maintain the list manually. That is why the Webinars OnAir has the automatic list management system. This software will add the newly registered members to the personal list automatically. This product will help you to show various premium contents to the attendees. And they can purchase those very easily. Also at this time you may have exclusive coupon or promo.

Recording and Tracking

The Webinars OnAir has the capability to record all the seminars you offer. Even you don’t have to load those recorded files manually on the YouTube account. This software will do this task for you. You can also necessary labels and banners on these videos. The viewer’s panel of this software is very impressive. From this option, you will be able to know which attendees are viewing the offered webinars. You can easily show the attendee list and bring visitors into that during the show. Using the live chat option of Webinars OnAir, you can communicate with the attendees with ease. So if you like to have the item, then our special coupon is here to give you the product at a reasonable price. This will provide the special discount pricing.

Plans and Pricing with Coupon

Depending on the type of features and number of maximum attendees, there are three pricing plans of this. The Webinars OnAir Basic Plan is for only 25 maximum attendees. All the live webinar features have been included in this. And just like the other plans, this one is for unlimited number of seminars. Price of this one is only 19.97$ for each month. Each of the Professional and Premium Plans of this software has the Automated Webinars features. Monthly cost for the Professional Plan is only $59.97 as of the writing time of this post. You can use this for maximum five hundred attendees. On the other hand, price of the Premium Plan is only 99.97 USD per month. It will let you create unlimited webinars for maximum five thousand attendees. With all of these plans of Webinars OnAir, money back guarantee facility is available.

So having the above mentioned Webinars OnAir coupon will help you enjoy the features of this magnificent product at a much more affordable price. This special discount is very much expected to give you satisfaction.