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Web CEO Agency Discount

Web CEO Agency Review

The SEO and SMM campaigns are very important in this modern era. That is why, you have to complete these campaign whit high efficiency. And as time is the most valuable thing, which should also be saved. So you should choose such solution, for these tasks, which should be time saving. There can be so many good options but the Web CEO Agency is perhaps better than most of those. So, get the reviewed responsive online SEO tools with discount and have the Web CEO Agency coupon. This product is the combination of different important tools. Actually this product has two different editions. The features of those products are:

Impressive SEO Analysis

Web CEO Agency is the complete solution for the search engine optimization. There can be various SEO issues on your website. Those should be solved as soon as possible. The audit tool of this product will detect all those issues with ease. And after that, you will be suggested how to solve those. Complete search engine optimization analysis for each of the landing pages will be done by this. So the targeted site will be not only panda friendly, but also hummingbird friendly. These are two most important updates of Google. And most importantly, you will get proper SEO report from the Agency License of Web CEO. The Link Checker tool of this product will let you check the popularity of each of the links. Comparison with the competitors can also be done with this.

Web CEO Agency

Powerful Link Optimizer

Each of the internal links is needed to be optimized. The link optimizer tool of Web CEO Agency will do this task for you. That is why there will be no reason why the Google Hummingbird may not like your website. For the link building, this tool will easily and quickly detect the relevant pages of that website. All the landing pages will not be equally popular. The most important pages will bring most number of visitors. That is why, the Web CEO will prioritize the top pages for the link building.

Suitable Pricing Options

Each of the two editions of Web CEO Agency is available for a very attractive price. The Agency Fixed plan is for 50 active projects. Each of these accounts support 2 thousand keywords and it can provide rank checker facility for 5 pages. For each of the project, this software will let you analyze 25 thousand backlinks. According to 26 November 2015, cost for this product is $375/month. Web CEO Agency Unlimited Plan is a flexible one. It is for unlimited projects and keywords. For each of the projects, this software will analyze 50 thousand backlinks. The monthly price of this one is $99 only. But with this the scanning cost will be added. For example, for each of the active projects, USD 2 should be paid. Similarly, you have to pay USD 0.004 for each of query for keyword tracking. For the larger SEO campaigns, this edition is more suitable.

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