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We Work Remotely Discount

Review of We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely helps to find the perfect job for users, and has two million five-hundred thousand visitors every month. We Work Remotely’s website have categories for different professions such as Programming, jobs in designing, copywriting etc. Resources section has lists of top one hundred companies who are looking for suitable candidates and job seekers. From this list, users can apply for jobs in companies like Clevertech, X-Team, DataStax and many more. Resources section also has a master list of companies that are viewable with the rest of top one-hundred companies. A communication tool called Slack is used as an online workspace for users to share and discuss ideas. Users only have to provide their email address to join the online workspace group and that’s it. Hence, gain the reviewed latest remote programming jobs control template with discount and obtain the We Work Remotely coupon.

Remote Job-Description Template

A job posting should be precise, clear and very well explained so that jobseekers understand everything. Users can lose hundreds of bright employees just because their poor and unclear job description. Hence, We Work Remotely have provided a dedicated template for Job Description for users to use and edit. The template is well-prepared and has different sections for a general overview of the users’ company, requirements for candidates etc. We Work Remotely also has their own affiliate program where users can earn by sharing referral link to social-sites. It’s very easy to join because providing first and last name with email and password is enough to sign up.

We Work Remotely

Multiple Jobs

We Work Remotely’s main page has all job postings featured in a list including all job professions. Each post is categorized according to its profession and job post dates are shown with it. Users can post multiple jobs for their company, and simultaneously, users can find multiple job offers. The website’s search filter allows a faster way to find job offers for specific professions. There’re above two-hundred five Programming job posts posted, and it includes offers for Ruby Developers, Front-end Software Engineer etc. There’re above fifty job offers for Sales & Marketing jobs, and these include positions for manager, sales representative, etc. Similarly, users can post or find hundreds of other job offers for their desired position and profession.

We Work Remotely Discount and Price Plans

We Work Remotely’s job posting service is $299 and it has three additional services available without any kind of promo code. The first service plan is $49, and it helps to highlight users’ advertisements. The second plan is $79, and this service highlights the advertisements and displays company logo. Finally, the third service is $129, and it gives all the benefits from the first two service packs. The third services added includes advertisement pinned for five days, and two times tweet on Twitter site.

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