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VoiceMail Pro Discount

Nowadays, many professional websites have voice messaging facilities that allow visitors to send voice messages to website owners. You can also add such a facility to any of your sites by using VoiceMail Pro. This software works on any kind of website.

VoiceMail Pro Review

We can see various websites that have a chatting facility. These facilities are mainly for exchanging text messages. Though such a facility is very effective for engaging people, these are very common in websites. To attract and engage more people, you have to offer something new. For example, you can offer a voice messaging facility to visitors. Visitors will love to record their voice messages and send these messages directly to website owners. Such a facility can easily be added to a website by using VoiceMail Pro. This revolutionary software provides several important features. So, purchase take the reviewed Windows base voice messaging software with discount and avail the VoiceMail Pro coupon.

VoiceMail Pro

Supports Various Sites

There are several messaging tools that are suitable for specific types of websites. But, VoiceMail Pro is not like these ordinary tools. This solution can easily be installed on any all types of websites. Some of these sites are WordPress, Convertri, HTML, Magento, and InstaPage, etc. A big fact is people have become very lazy nowadays. They do not want to type anything to communicate with website owners or customer services. Rather, they love to just tap a button and record a voice message. This software allows to add suitable button voice mailing buttons on a website. You will be allowed to customize these buttons with ease. VoiceMail Pro includes a very easy way to record and send a message. Visitors do not need to be an expert to send messages. Only a few clicks are enough in doing that.

Contact Details

When a visitor will try to send voice messages, he will be asked to give his contact details. In this process, you can easily get their contact number, email addresses, and other info. These contact data can be used in further projects. VoiceMail Pro is a full-featured software. You will get voice messages directly on your website. No other software should be installed. It also allows to forward any messages to email addresses.

VoiceMail Pro Discount and Pricing

To purchase VoiceMail Pro, you just have to pay $27 without the discount. Its actual price is $97. But now, this one is available for a discounted price. After getting a single license, you will be able to install that on 25 different sites. This license supports 5 thousand voice messages and 5 thousand leads. Another important thing is, it is a mobile friendly solution. There is a single site license of this software named VoiceMail Lite. It supports only a single site. You have to pay only USD 25 to grab it. But, this single site license supports only one thousand voice messages.

Therefore, please gain with VoiceMail Pro discount and get the Windows base voice messaging software with coupon in 2020.