VMware Site Recovery Manager Review | Avail Amazing Pricing

Physical devices are very commonly used all over the world for computing. But as physical environment is not suitable for every task, virtual computing has been invented. Virtual environment is very easy to access and it has very high uptime. Now, the fact is we are very much comfortable with physical machines. But becoming comfortable with virtual machines is not that much easy.

VMware Site Recovery Manager

VMware Site Recovery Manager Review

VMware is a famous software company to provide different solutions for virtual environments. Among all products of it, Site Recovery Manager has become very popular. This product has the following important features:

Fully Automated Functions

After installing Site Recovery Manager of VMware, you don’t have to manually handle this tool by spending valuable time. Non-disruptive testing will be done automatically and regularly. By this testing, this software can find out possibilities of occurring IT disasters. It works based on SDDC solutions and that is why all the recovery operations will be done by this product very quickly. Avoiding downtime is one of the major concerns of all virtual environment users. VMware Site Recovery manager is very helpful for avoiding this disturbing event. This software also has user friendly and strong virtual machine management tool. Centralized management system has been integrated into this. For this reason, it is capable of dealing with large number of virtual machines without problems.

VMware Site Recovery Manager review

Advanced Replication Facility

As a disaster recovery software for virtual environments, VMware Site Recovery Manager is very efficient. One of the reasons of such high efficiency is it supports multiple replication methods. Effective array based replication as well as vSphere replication systems have been integrated to this. Enterprise edition of this software has more advanced features. This tool can work with stretched storage very well. Similarly, it can also handle the protection of every storage profile. VMware Site Recovery Manager can work with Oracle, SQL, and all other types of popular database management systems.

VMSRM Pricing Plan

The VMware Site Recovery Manager is available in two different editions. One of those is a standard edition which is the smaller one. This edition is capable of dealing with 75 virtual machines for each site. To purchase this one with one year subscription and support facilities, you have to spend only 5,899 USD. In this case, support facility will be available for only 12 hours in a day. If you want to get 24/7 support, then the cost for this license will be increased to 6,094 USD only. You can also purchase this software for 3 years by attractive price. VMware Site Recovery Manager Enterprise edition is can handle with as many VMs you need in a site. Some additional features are also added to this. Before purchasing any of these two, you can use the trial version of this amazing product.