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Viral Loop Features and Review

There are various types of marketing software offered by various companies. Some of those are online marketing and some are for social media marketing. Viral marketing is also one of the emerging strategies just like the referral marketing. There are few software which can help the users for both these new types of marketing. One of those tools is the Viral Loop. For important features and attractive pricing, this software has become a popular one. Get this popular product with our coupon offer. Here are some features which can convince you to purchase this tool:

Templates and Widgets

You don’t have to waste your time that much to start your campaigns. Prebuilt referral templates have been added to the Viral Loop. Depending on your business, you just have to suite one for the campaign. Each of the templates are customizable and of very good quality. ViralWidget is also available with this referral marketing software. It will help you to create useful popups very easily. This tool is also capable of inviting more and more friends. So the participants can make new customers to you and there will be boosting of the business growth. The product also offers various kinds of sweepstake and giveaways templates. So you can set the rewards and benefits for the participants for the referring. Avail all of the amazing features of this tool with the Viral Loop discount.

Easy Campaign Management

The Viral Loop undoubtedly offers very easy way to manage the campaigns. The total progress of the campaigns can be seen anytime you want. Important information like number of participants and number of refers can be tracked by this. Sometimes, you may need to change the progress of the campaigns for different reasons. This software will help you to do so very easily. Various channels can be used for the campaigns. Some of those can show better performance and some cannot. It can be used for picking up the best performing channels very efficiently. Similarly, from the leaderboard, you can find out the best participants of the running campaign.

Impressive Pricing Plans and Coupon

After considering the above features, anyone can assume the price of this item is very high. But actually it is completely affordable. Three different plans are available for this software. The smallest of them all is the Start-Up plan which can be enjoyed by paying $39 per month. This one is for 500 participants only. If your target is 1.5 thousand participants, then the Growing Plan can be suggested. According to the date of writing this review, the monthly price of this plan is $89 only without the promo code. The Power Plan of Viral Loop is available for 199 USD per month. This one will allow you to work with 10 thousand different participants. Before you purchase any one of these, running of pre-launch campaign facility is available for free. Without the Start-Up plan, other two offer the useful referral templates.

So, get this referral marketing platform with our discount offer. This Viral Loop coupon will be helpful for you in purchasing the product.