VidScratch Discount & Coupon Code

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VidScratch Discount

VidScratch Review and Features

VidScratch brings leads to the site very easily. This program will enable users to bring leads from many very different platforms easily. The program has the scratch game tech which will enable the users to pull leads from multiple different platforms very easily. The users can ditch the opt-in forms and yet be able to collect leads with this tool easily. The program is easy to use as newbies will find very easy to customize this application and create a fully customized scratch game. So, gain the reviewed powerful lead generation platform with discount and avail the VidScratch coupon.

Benefits of the Program

Vidsratch includes the customizable dfy templates that easily can be edited and easily users can create their website with this application. The program can target niches for the local market. Users can choose templates from the collection of this tool and focus on the niche they want. The scratch card of this application allows the users to target the niches by changing text, color, and other formats. The program has the drag and drop algorithm which will easily makeable the users to create a completely engaging scratch card.

Users can use drag and drop options to add text, logos or images as well. It will also take a lot less time than another editing tool as it has an easy editing configuration. Users can customize the fonts by changing fonts, emojis, and graphics as well. Users can add an option and add more multiple layer options for their business. The program includes commercial rights and agency licenses as well. It means users can provide this service to their clients and users will be easily able to bring a lot of profit. The program also includes services that include users charging the clients per lead as well.


Analytics Included

VidScratch includes the deep analytics, which includes all the details and statistics that users can see within just one click of the mouse. Users will be able to see the conversions from their campaigns and the results from campaigns, it will provide users proper proof on the effectivity of this tool. The program also includes the chance for the users to add their video or other people’s video include asking the visitors to provide their emails and contact info. On the other hand, this program is completely mobile responsive which will also enable the users to bring leads from mobile as well. It will help users to reach a much bigger target market.

VidScratch Discount and Pricing

VidScratch has one fixed price. The price of this application at the moment is fixed at only 41 dollars except the discount. The payment can be made by PayPal, MasterCard and debit card as well. The program allows users to add customizable GDPR options. This program will enable users to keep fully compliant GDPR options. The program also includes bonus pixels.

Therefore, please obtain with VidScratch discount and have the powerful lead generation platform with coupon.