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Vidmonial Coupon

Vidmonial and its Nature

For the salesperson and marketer, product review is a common one term for any business. It ensures the trust of the available customers about any specific product of multiple products. But in this time, the simple review with glowing format is not sufficient enough to achieve targeted profit. To fulfil your dream, Vidmonial is a dependable one platform. This is defined as a cloud based app. With this app, you will be able to collect the video testimonials from the customers. Moreover, this platform is very helpful to assure a huge amount of sales in a quick time. In such way, please take the reviewed cloud based video testimonials app with coupon and avail the Vidmonial discount.

Working Procedure of This

Vidmonial runs its activities by following three simple steps. First of all, bonus creation or selection process appears. Your buyers will achieve these types of bonuses after the completion of the review. Though this step is an optional one, but this is highly recommended to generate more testimonials. This testimonial can be obtained in exchange of coupon code, ethical bonus or guide. Vidmonial has the capability to maintain the campaign process for you which turns the customers to leave a review. Then the recording technology appears with cloud based functionality. It asks the customers to leave the review while capturing the needed profile pictures, ratings, etc.


Without installing any third party plugin or app, you can control the testimonial recording process. When any testimonial is submitted, the users will get the promised incentive. After that, if you want, then you can review the available testimonial in Vidmonial portal section. Moreover, it gives you the option to embed it wherever it is needed. Last of all, Vidmonial allows the needed option to share the testimonials in Facebook. In fact; you can publish them on YouTube to get targeted traffic.

Users of Vidmonial and its Features

All types of marketers can be benefited with Vidmonial. It is compatible for almost any type of niche. That’s why; you can easily create the customer testimonial for real estate agencies, plumbers, dentist, etc. In fact; eCommerce marketers are the most benefited users of this. These types of marketers can incentivize the buyers while recording the testimonial. After that, these testimonials can be shared on Shopify pages on Facebook. For the social marketers, this platform is very supportive to get targeted profit. To build up the trust about any brand, Vidmonial applies all the needed support. Lastly, you can apply the beneficial support for affiliate marketers.

Vidmonial Coupon and Attractive Pricing

Inside the front end section of Vidmonial, there exist two different plans. To purchase the Personal package, you have to pay only $24 excluding the coupon. For commercial plan only $27 is needed. Then OTO1 appears with the price of $44 (Vidmonial Diamond). To get agency license of this, you have to pay only $97.

In the conclusion, please get with Vidmonial coupon and have the cloud based video testimonials app with discount.