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Review and Features of VidioJack

Getting money from online is the main target of so many people. Though the number of successful people is increasing, still huge number of people are unsuccessful. So earning money does not mean you have to follow the traditional rules all the time. Normally we think that we have to create website, get hosting facility, sell products or services and earn money. But this way of earning is competitive and time consuming. There are some passive ways of earning money from online. One of those ways is product jacking. This new type of earning technique can be learned from this tool. We hope VidioJack discount is attractive for you. So please purchase it with coupon facility which will not decrease the price, but help some money back. Main features of this cloud based app are as follows:

Automated and Powerful

As this product is completely cloud based, you don’t have to install anything to your device. VidioJack will automatically show your links in front of buyers. That means, there will be no reason to find out buyers individually by wasting time. This is very much friendly for new comers. If you do not know about how to get into passive income streams, it will help you. Step-by-step procedures will be shown to you about income streams. Similarly, this web solution will also let you know about integration of YouTube. It is fact that, all products are not equally profitable. But there are some products which are in the evergreen category. VidioJack will provide show you list of evergreen products. Competition signaling for each of the product will be provided by this solution too.

vidiojack coupon

Amazing Pricing Plans and Coupon

Three useful licenses are offered for VidioJack. Depending on the number of projects per week, you can purchase any one of those. Basic License is for 5 projects per week. You can enjoy this by paying one-time fee of 63.97 USD when coupon is not included. Lite Plan is comparatively better one which is for 15 projects per week. As per 1 November 2016, one-time price of this one is only 65.97 USD. But the best license of VidioJack is Pro License which can be purchased by 67 USD. After paying this price once, you will be able to run 50 different projects per week with this. Only this product includes both the automated and manual posting facilities.

Some Other Features

Passive online income campaigns are profitable. But all of those will not perform equally. That is why, VIdioJack will provide you very impressive reporting system. It will track all campaigns perfectly and then provide you the report. Many people use paid content posting solutions by spending huge amount of money. But this product has built in content posting and scarping tool. Similarly, VidioJack also offers content ping facility. That means, it can create similar contents depending on seed one. This web app is one of the fastest solution. After purchasing this, you can start earning money from the day after.

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