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VidAlta Discount

VidAlta Review and Features

VidAlta provides the users the PowerPoint template that will enable the users to customize and make unique looking marketing videos in a short amount of time. As a result, users can customize templates it’s going to be easier for the users to make videos according to their idea. For example, users will be able to create stories that are engaging for users. The more engaging the audience will be, the easier it will be for the users to bring sales to the site. Please take the reviewed social media video marketing tool with discount and get the VidAlta coupon.

Facilities of the Application

VidAlta provides up to more than 100 different templates for customizing and making stories. As a result, it shows that users many options that users can choose from and make stories for their website. The PowerPoint system by editing the template is so easy that anyone will be easily able to adopt it. Users just need to import the template in PowerPoint, edit it and then users will be able to export the PowerPoint. It also provides the users the animated square templates as well. The animated square template can be used to make square videos and engage audiences.


The story templates of this application are one of the most beneficial ones as it has been designed in many different categories. The templates for stories are focused on 11 different niches. Therefore, using VidAlta enables users to focus on any niche they want at a specific time. The program also allows the users to turn any story to ads easily by video resizing. There is not much to worry about converting buyers to the site. These ads can be used for social media sites as these ads perfectly sized 9 by 9 in the construction of social media sites.

Static File Template

VidAlta has many static file templates. If it can be explained clearly, the software has to offer up to more than 300 static templates that can be used and customized. The program also can be easily used without any video animation at all. Even the static version of this template can be easily used without any problems. It also has to offer a typography library act that will allow the users to create different types of typography for the videos. Making different types of typography for the videos make a video look much more interesting. Users can just copy the typography and paste in their videos.

VidAlta Discount and Pricing

VidAlta has one personal license. The personal license of this tool is priced at only 19.81 dollars except the discount. The original price of this tool is set at only 37 dollars. This program has the full support team that will guide users on what to do. It also has a tutorial that will enable users to understand and follow the rules accordingly.

Therefore, please gain with VidAlta discount and purchase the social media video marketing tool with coupon in 2020.