UpViral Review | Avail Pricing for the Viral Referral Marketing Platform

UpViral  is considered as a powerful application in case of viral marketing. It is supportive almost for any type of business solution and the enterprise section. Through this, you will be able to run the viral gateway based campaigning process. Besides, the viral contest and the sweepstakes can also be run through this platform. It also enables the users to run the launching process of virtual products. With the helpful support of UpViral, the visitors can assure more visitors with the cool giveaway.


UpViral Review

Email notification system with the customization process is a first one issue under UpViral. It affords the best way to send out the triggered or timed based emails by depending on user’s action. The Twitter, Facebook and other related button can easily be integrated into the emails for making the sharing process more flexible. Besides, you can send out the email triggers with multiple issues which are very effective to get more sharing system for each visitor. Then, the automatic alerting system is also available here that can simply motivate the visitors into the next goal. Besides, the follow-up email system is also activated here by which you can manage the sharing process repeatedly.

A/B Split Testing: Inside this term, UpViral affords some supportive conditions. The split test system of multiple lead magnet based pages will determine the effective opt-in rates.  The thank you pages are supportive for managing the active sharing rates.

Viral Referral Marketing Platform

Additional Issues Inside This

UpViral also offers some more features and conditions. To turn out the current email list into the lead sources, all the powerful functions are enabled here. To assure this policy, it will embed the UpViral links within the existing emails. This policy won’t depend on the auto responder policy. Then, the single click sharing system of this tool can turn the available subscribers into the active members for promoting any online based business solution. Then, the referral link process is available here with the full customization concept. In this, some policies are available like point based system, generating process of unique referral links, etc. For the contest promotions, easy administration section is offered here. In case of your need, the users can also customize the social sharing functions.

Pricing Issue of UpViral

UpViral offers two active packages. These packages are: Standard and Pro. The Standard package is suitable for the general users. For professional case, you can rely on Pro package. The Standard package can be purchased with the price of $25/month condition without the promo code. To get the Pro package, you have to pay only $35 for every month. The billed is needed to pay annually. In fact; both these two packages offer the same features whereas Pro package includes 3 mail identities, advanced privacy issue etc.