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UniDAC Discount

It is not a good decision to depend on a specific type of databases. Different platforms are there. That is why, you may need to access various databases for any campaign. UniDAC is a suitable solution to access all those very easily. This is a very popular product of the famous Devart brand.

Review and Features of UniDAC

Several years ago, one or two premium database platforms were very much popular. That is why, the users did not need any kind of database access software. But nowadays, different kinds of database platforms are very much popular. For this reason, it is better to purchase such a tool, which will allow you to access all these databases with ease. To do this task, UniDAC is a very powerful solution. So purchase the reviewed popular database software with discount and obtain the UniDAC coupon.

Supports Various Modes

UniDAC supports the databases of different modes. Normally, people love to use some popular database management systems. Some of these systems are Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server, etc. Your applications may need to access all these platforms. This solution will help you to do so. Nowadays, different types of mobile applications are available. Most of the companies provide their mobile apps. UniDAC can also work with different types of mobile apps. We know that, every database management platform has multiple editions. This solution supports every old and latest version of each platform. There is no need to depend on a particular operating system to use this product. It is a cross-platform supported product, which is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, and other popular operating systems.


UniDAC Discount and Affordable Pricing

Normally, a database access tool is costly. But compared with many other tools, UniDAC can be considered as more cost effective. It comes with three different licenses. Among these, Express Edition is a free one. That is why, it comes with a few features, and can be used as a trial. The Standard Edition of this product is capable of connecting with only MySQL and PostgreSQL. It does not support any database specific component. According to this post writing time, you can purchase this by paying only $299.95 without the discount. UniDAC Professional Edition can be purchased by paying only $499.95. This one is a strongly recommended solution, because it provides all the features.

Mobile App Development

The Professional Edition of this product comes some additional features. One of these features is it helps to generate some mobile applications. These applications are for both the Android and iOS platforms. All types of data access components and database specific components are supported by this product too. Another very big advantage of this solution is its encryption and decryption facility. By using this facility of UniDAC, you will be able to encrypt any data and decrypt any encrypted data with ease.

Therefore, please buy with UniDAC discount. In the conclusion, have the popular database software with coupon.