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UltraEdit coupon

Summary of the Products of UltraEdit

The website of the popular IDM Computer Solutions Company is ultraedit.com. There you can find various types of important product related to text and file editing, comparing and securing. Each of these is highly feature rich and affordable. That is why you can rely on those without hesitation. Those can be useful for the regular PC users and the professional programmers. Let’s have a look at some of the products offered by this company. Please make the purchase of UltraEdit using the coupon. This UltraEdit discount will surely be of some help for you to purchase the tool.

Features of UltraCompare

One of the most unique products of this software company is the UltraCompare. From the name it can easily be understood that it is a comparing tool. Now it should be monitored which type of things it can compare. It can deal with different types of files and even folders. Normal text files and even binary documents can also be compared with this product. You can use this to detect the differences between the local directories and folders. FTP and Zip file comparison systems are the other advantages of the UltraCompare. The price of this impressive tool is only $49.95 as per 23 May 2015.

UltraSentry Encryption Tool

Creating the files and storing those in the folders can make those organized. But to protect those you have to take tools like the UntraSentry. This is a digital locker tool of the IDM Computer Solutions. No matter what is the type of the file or folder, it can encrypt that perfectly. It offers the auto hiding menu from where you can access the locked location or data. This product also has the file shredder option. Using this one you can securely and permanently delete the sensitive data. It can be used for erasing the browser histories and cookies. It can be purchased by paying $45.95 only.

UltraEdit – The Text Editor Coupon Code & Pricing

This product is very much essential for the programmers. It is versatile and cost effective. For HTML and Java editing, this tool is perfect. You can deal with other codes like the XML, PHP and Perl etc. No matter what is the size of the text file, this software will help you to deal with those. Sometimes it is seen that tools like these take huge space of the RAM. Tab option provided by the software is completely configurable. You can create bookmarks with ease and then you can handle those nicely.

Suppose you have to go to the marked line or remove that line from your file. It will help to do those without problems. Various highlighting, searching and matching options have been added to the UltraEdit text editor. If you want to purchase this product independently, then the price for you will be $79.95 only excluding the coupon. It can also be purchased as the bundle with the UltraCompare. You can also get this by purchasing the UE Suite, which also includes the UltraCompare, UltraFinder and UltraSentry.

So, please get UltraEdit with the discount offer. For any more inquiries on the UltraEdit coupon, please drop us an email.