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Twitter Counter coupon

For promoting any business, it is very important to ensure a very high social media presence. That means, you have to measure how active you are in a social network. Twitter Counter will help you in this task. This solution is very efficient for tracking the Twitter stats.

A Small Review of Twitter Counter

Though Facebook is still the most popular social network, Twitter cannot be ignored. This network is trusted by millions of social media users. Hence, this platform is a great platform for promoting anything. But before and after starting a campaign, it is very important to track the stats. In doing so, Twitter Counter is very efficient. This tool is also very helpful for growing the audiences. Despite of its attractive and efficient features, only a small amount should be paid for enjoying this solution. So, please get the most powerful twitter tracking statistics solution with coupon and have Twitter Counter discount. Let’s have a look at some important features of it:

Tweet Time Optimization

Twitter Counter is capable of determining the best times for tweeting. So, you will be able to make the tweets to get maximum response. This tool can detect the retweets and mentions very efficiently too. Sometimes, some followers may unfollow your account for some reasons. This tool will find out these accounts who have unfollowed recently. Then it will detect their trends and activities. It will help you to get them back as followers. Twitter Counter is very helpful for engaging the audiences. Sometimes, some competitor Twitter accounts may perform better than yours. In these cases, this tool will help to compare your account with these competitors.

Twitter Counter coupon

Very Impressive Coupon Code & Pricing

You can purchase the Twitter Counter by annual billing or monthly billing system. In this review, its pricing depending on the monthly billing system has been mentioned. According to 28 July 2017, you can purchase the Individual Plan by only $8/month. This one is capable of handling only one Twitter account. It is capable of tracking the stats of last 6 months. Professional License of this solution is also for tracking one Twitter account. But it is capable of showing the data of maximum 24 months. To purchase this one, only 20 USD/month should be paid except the coupon. Business and Unlimited licenses of Twitter Counter can be purchased by 40 USD and 120 USD/month respectively. These are capable of dealing five and ten Twitter accounts respectively.

Creates Informative Reports

After purchasing this solution, you don’t have to create the reports manually. It will summarize every necessary data and provide some necessary reports very efficiently. Sometimes, a client may ask for your engagement in this social network. To meet up their desires, you can use the reports created by Twitter Counter. It is capable of creating these reports in PDF forms. This solution will also let you export some necessary data to any CSV files. You will be allowed to split these reports as per necessity.

So, please buy with Twitter Counter coupon. Purchase the most powerful twitter tracking statistics solution with discount.