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Review of TrainingBeta

The number one priority of every human being would be to solely focus on leading a healthy life. Without proper health or training, functioning properly in this busy-scheduled life would be extremely tiring. For individuals that’re looking to achieve a healthy state, both physically and mentally, can finally do so with TrainingBeta. TrainingBeta has a total of seven unique training programs, hundred plus podcasts with professionals, and information rich blogs provided periodically. For users who are in dire need of extra attention for their health can apply for personal trainers. With a personal trainer, every course, every exercise, every exchange of information are performed online; using technology to maximize health benefits. In such way, please the reviewed climbing training programs with coupon and obtain the TrainingBeta discount.

Finger Strength, Route Climbing, Bouldering

TrainingBeta’s trainings for strengthening the fingers, exercises for route climbing, and bouldering are all coached by Kris Peters. For finger strength, there are three categories that are divided and named as: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Depending on the users’ capabilities, they can select their desired difficulty and get on with the program. Instructions for finger training are provided in an eBook pdf format which are downloaded and printable. For climbing exercises, three variations of workout are given every week that is updated and sent by the software. Videos are available through which all the proper steps for performing route climbing are clearly shown. Finally, for bouldering, there’ll be a tight five week exercise phase of improving users’ endurance and strength.


Nutrition Consulting, Injury-Free

To maintain progressive training on a consistent level, users have to maintain their diet as well. And there’s no better platform to learn about nutrition than TrainingBeta’s Nutrition Consulting. All the advices for eating healthy food are directed by Neely Quinn on a period of one to three months. Performing rock-climbing puts a lot of strain on the body, hence, this Nutrition Coaching is introduced for tackling diet issues. There’re two cases: either users are looking to tweak their calorie intake or they are aiming to lose extra weight. Either way the end result will be users experiencing improvement in stamina and their strength, having better digestion, etc. Lastly, for preventing injuries on various upper parts of the body a Rehab system is available.

TrainingBeta coupon and Price Plans

TrainingBeta’s Personal Training are instructed by Matt Pincus, and his single month course is $200 while the 3-Months course is $580 excluding the coupon. The TrainingBeta’s Finger Strengthening program is $39, and Bouldering and Climbing are $14.99, $80.95, $149.95, based on the duration of the period. Neely Quinn’s consultation for nutrition is $120 for One-Hour Call, and $550, and $290 for Two-Month plan, and One-Month Package. The session for Injury-Free, whether it’s a problem with shoulder impingement, or Rotator Cuff or Neck Strain, all costs $10. Users having issues with all these areas in the body can purchase all three sessions for $25.

Therefore, get with TrainingBeta coupon and purchase the climbing training programs with discount.