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ThePrimeHost LLC discount

ThePrimeHost LLC and Its Overview

In the web industry, a lot of platforms are available to provide the web hosting facilities and the features. Among all of the existing companies, ThePrimeHost LLC is a reliable one. It offers various types of hosting facilities with the user friendly supports. Under this, the data center and the technological supports are very effective for the users. Under ThePrimeHost LLC, you will get the support of web hosting, reseller hosting, managed VPS, dedicated server management process and other facilities. In fact; to handle the needed hosting management system, the server section is developed with the latest technologies. So, please buy the premium web hosting & dedicated server provider with discount and get ThePrimeHost LLC coupon.

Web Hosting and the Reseller hosting under this platform

ThePrimeHost LLC offers various plans under these two sections. In the web hosting, there exist three packages like Prime One, Alpha Prime and Omega Prime. The Prime One is available with the single domain. Other two packages offer unlimited domains and unlimited disk space. All of these packages offer unlimited bandwidth using policy. To get Prime One, you will need to pay $3.95/month.

Besides, Alpha Prime and Omega Prime, you will need to pay only $5.95 and $9.95 in each month. After that, the reseller hosting package will be appeared and it offers three plans. All of these plans are: Pyro 1, Pyro 2 and Pyro 3. Pyro 1 offers 25 disk space, 250 GB bandwidth using policy, 25 cpanel accounts. Due to the plans of Pyro 2 and Pyro 3, you will get 5 GB disk space and 75 GB disk space. In these two plans, you will get 500 GB bandwidth and 1 TB bandwidth using system. In the pricing condition, you will have to pay $10, $15 and $20 per month in a sequential way.

Packages issued by ThePrimeHost LLC and Discount

ThePrimeHost LLC also issues some other packages like Managed VPS, dedicated server management system, affiliate marketing, social media sharing process and so on. In the first case, we can observe the dedicated server hosting. In this section, there exist various packages. According to the need, the users can pick up the needed plan. Fully managed plan is issued with the price of $105/month condition and it offers 1 TB drive space and 10 TB bandwidth using policy.

ThePrimeHost LLC discount

Managed VPS is suitable with four packages like UltraVPS Starter, UltraVPS 1, UltraVPS 2 and UltraVPS 3. Among all of these plans, the professional users can use UltraVPS 3. This professional package offers 8 dedicated IP’s. To purchase this, you will need to pay only $149.95/month. To get the Starter package, you will have to pay $37.95/month condition. Besides, UltraVPS 2 and UltraVPS 3 are available through the price of $54.95 and $99.95/month condition. But all of the packages are not included discount facility.

Finally, please you can get with ThePrimeHost LLC discount. Buy the premium web hosting & dedicated server provider with coupon.