TextPipe Coupon: Take Advantage of Cool Discount Offer

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TextPipe coupon

Review and Features of TextPipe

All the popular software companies have achieved their popularity by offering efficient goods. With the efficiency, affordability is another important thing. Keeping these two things in head, the DataMystic has offered the TextPipe which is a workbench for text conversion and transformation. To be fact, this type of tools can be found rarely. DataMystic has included so many features in this to make this more powerful and user friendly. This company also knows that all the customers will not need this software for the same reasons. That is why, various licenses of these have been offered. Enjoy the cool functionalities of TextPipe with our coupon offer. The features and pricing of this solution are:

Fast Multipurpose Solution

There should not be any doubt that the TextPipe is the best product of the DataMystic brand so far. It can be used for different campaigns. It can extract the texts from various types of files including the documents and HTML files. The extracted files will be reusable. Conversion and transformation of the texts can also be done with the help of this tool. Perhaps, this product is the only solution which can extract and convert the texts from the compressed files. For the campaigns, you may need to extract the contents from the security log files. This software will be suitable for those cases and the most important features of it are the high efficiency and quickness of operations. Have this fast multipurpose solution cheaply with the TextPipe discount.

No Limit of Size

TextPipe is an advanced solution which can work with the files of any size. There are some products of other companies, which cannot support the files more than of 2GB. But this one is suitable for working with even the 2 Petabytes files. While working with the larger files, it will not make the system slower. Scheduling is another good advantage of this product. That is why, the product is completely suitable for webpage updating. It can execute multiple operations to multiple files at the same time.

Coupon Code & Pricing of This Product

Various licenses for the TextPipe have been offered by the DataMystic. One of those is the Lite License which can be purchased only by 59.95 USD for a single user excluding the coupon. It also has a portable edition, which can be bought by 69.95 USD only. 1 year maintenance facility is offered with both of these licenses. This item Standard license is available for 99 USD for one user. It has the volume discount facilities. If you purchase 2-4 units of this at a time, then the unit cost will be 75 USD only. Similarly, for more number of licenses, the unit cost will be reduced more. The Pro version of this DataMystic product is very powerful. To get this for single user, the price will be 395 USD before 2017. Just like the previous version, this one also has discounts on multiple licenses purchasing.

In conclusion, the discount offer will let you purchase this multi-award winning product at a reduced price. For any additional information about the TextPipe coupon, please contact us.