Textly Discount: Get Brilliant Coupon Offer and Pricing

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Textly Discount

Among the various methods of marketing, text message marketing is one of the most effective methods. You can run such marketing campaigns by using a powerful WordPress plugin. The name of that plugin is Textly.

Review of Textly at a Glance

It is not true that you have to pay a fee for every text message for any promotional campaign. But, there should be a cost-friendly solution through which the messages should be sent. That means, you have to use a good quality text message marketing software. There are various options of such tools. Among those, Textly is a popular name. This WordPress plugin is suitable for running all kinds of text messaging campaigns. So, please gain the reviewed text message marketing WordPress Plugin with discount and get the Textly coupon.

Supports Various Providers

There are lots of telecommunication networks or service providers. Your subscribers may use any of these networks. That is why, it is very important to choose such solution that can work with the popular providers. Textly is one of those tools. This solution supports various providers. Some of these providers are MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, etc. Collecting the phone number of subscribers is a very important task. This task can easily be done too. You will get various customizable opt-in forms. This plugin offers an easy way to customize each of its forms. And, these forms can easily be added to any website. Subscribers will be able to fill these forms be and give their numbers. Textly is capable of collecting unlimited phone numbers. And, you will be able to add some of these manually.


Click Analytics Software

With your text messages, there can be several links. These links can be of your eCommerce stores, websites, social media pages, and blogs etc. Every subscriber may not click these links. The more clicks will ensure a more successful project. That is why, Textly has a click analytics software. This software will track every link very efficiently. Another important thing is this software is just a WordPress plugin. You don’t have to deal with a complicated method to set it up. Rather, it can be set up and used just like other WordPress plugins.

Textly Discount and Pricing

After considering the main features, any person may assume that Textly is a very costly solution. But actually, it is an affordable one. You just have to pay $47 to access its license except the discount. There are many other tools that are capable of working with a limited number of messages. But, this one will let you send unlimited text messages. Another important thing is, you can add unlimited phone numbers with it. It is capable of sending an unsubscribe link with every message. So, customers will get a freedom of opting out from a campaign. That means, Textly may bring unlimited profits. And, there is a money back guarantee to ensure its quality.

Therefore, please gain with Textly discount and purchase the text message marketing WordPress Plugin with coupon.