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Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery Pro (Windows edition)

Android Data Recovery Pro (Mac Edition)

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Summary of Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Data recovery software is necessary for all types of devices like computers and mobile phones. Nowadays a large number of users are using the Android smartphones. It is fact that for several reasons, the files and data from the phones can be erased. It becomes very much essential sometimes to recover this data. You never know when and how the data can be deleted accidentally. So it is best to have a recovery solution for the Android phones. Actually, there can be so many options for you. But perhaps Tenoreshare has offered the one of the best options. Android Data Recovery is very powerful mobile phone data recovery solution. This one has two different editions. First of all we have mentioned the attractive pricing of these versions. The pricing gets more attractively cheaper when our discount coupon is included. Just after that the features of these have been discussed.

Amazing Pricing Plans and Discount

Basic version of Android Data Recovery has two types of licenses. One is the Personal License which is for 1 to 3 different PCs. Price for this one is only $39.95 without any kind of promo code. On the other hand the Unlimited License is logically for unlimited number of computers. This one can be purchased by $199.95 as per October 11, 2015. On the other hand the Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro also has two different licenses. The Personal License of it can be enjoyed by $49.95 only. Price for the Unlimited License of this product is $229.95 only. For The Mac users, Tenorshare has offered the Mac version of this software. In that case, the prices for the Personal and Unlimited licenses will be $59.95 and $349.95 respectively. Like all the other products of this company all these products have been offered for one-time fees.

Basic Version of this Product

This software has the capability of recovering all the deleted messages. Also it can recover the contact information from all Android devices. Some data recovery software cannot recover the data after applying restore factory setting or rooting the device. But the Tenorshare Android Data Recovery can easily find out the deleted data even after those operations. Normally you won’t be able to access the corrupted data or files. It will let you recover and access those. Another good thing is, the tool has the capability to work with the phones of all the brands. Get this highly functional product with our Tenorshare Android Data Recovery coupon.

Features of Pro Edition

The Pro edition has come with advanced features. This tool is more accurate and it will let you recover only the necessary files. So you don’t have to recover all the files every time. Quick and Deep recovery are the two operations that can be done by this software. The first one will be completed between two or three minutes. If that cannot provide you the files you want, the Deep Recovery can be used. This operation of Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro is very powerful and takes more time to be completed.

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