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SwipedOn Discount

SwipedOn Review and Features

SwipedOn is a program that will help users to dictate the flow of the visitor rightly. The program provides optimized visitor management portal to control the website visitors. It tries to convince the visitors by using the touch screen technology. It provides the welcome page that will showcase the attractiveness of the users of the website. The first impression counts of the website, using this tool will help users to create a long-lasting 1st impression. Hence, take the reviewed cloud-based visitor management solution with discount and obtain the SwipedOn coupon.

Benefits of the Programs

SwipedOn will provide the real-time visitor’s movement to the users. Due to that users will be able to know the ways visitors are reacting to the website. Users will be able to know which page the visitors are spending most of the time. It provides instant notification to the users whenever a visitor is visiting the website. Whether users are in the phone or doing any other work, they quickly will be able to know the visitors are visiting the site. Users will also be able to figure out what time the flow of the visitors is highest.

The program provides the visitor’s agreement with low cost and higher safety. Before making any visitors enter into a certain page of the website, users need to put on the agreement page. The agreement page helps users to stay away from any legal confrontation of visitors in the future and provides security to both parties. At times, visitors do not feel safe enough to agree with the agreement, the program provides safe and secure contracts for the visitors. The program provides the service in iPad or mobile phone. So that users can stay updated while they are traveling. Since the program is cloud-based, users do not need to worry about any technological difficulties.


ID Badge Printing

SwipedOn provides automatic printing system that allows the visitor to get an automatic printing system to get results on time. The program will automatically track down the automatic in and out of the employees. As a result, users will be able to when the employees are checking in and out of the building. Users, as a result, will be able to keep their building safe and secure. The real-time dashboard will show the ins and outs of the clients in the dashboard so that users stay well informed easily. The program also allows visitors to see whether their hosts are present on time.

SwipedOn Discount and Pricing

SwipedOn currently has to offer 3 different packages. The program provides the starter pack, business pack and the enterprise pack. The starter pack is priced at only 25 dollars except the discount. The business pack is priced at only 49 dollars. The enterprise package of this application has been priced at only 75 dollars. With this package, users can allow unlimited visitors to log into the page.

Therefore, please get with SwipedOn discount and purchase the cloud-based visitor management solution with coupon.