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Swell Rewards Coupon

Review of Swell Rewards

Swell Rewards helps users to convert their normal customers into dedicated and loyal followers. Swell Rewards allows users to implement highly incentive programs which drives average return on investment by nine times. Users can reward their valuable customers for every purchases and motivate them to continue purchasing for greater rewards. Swell Rewards has flexible campaigns that boosts engagement with audiences and increase the lifetime value.

There’s options to refer a friend which lets users to gain high-value customers. Referred customers have an eighteen percent higher chance to become fully committed and be loyal to the users’ brand. Similarly, the referred customers have a higher chance of the faster conversion than a normal purchaser. Finally, users will be able to build better reward system since all their purchaser’s activity is accessible. Thus, obtain the reviewed best e-commerce incentive marketing platform with coupon and gain the Swell Rewards discount.

Enterprise-Focused Approach

Swell Rewards provides purchase points and coupons which delivers an immersive experience for customers. These points and coupons are considered to be the most cost-efficient and effective way to earn incremental ROI. Simultaneously, a cohesive experience is built for users’ customers as points are provided continuously for numerous activities. Rewarded points are redeemable so that high-tier purchasers gets their desired item as an accomplishment. All marketing programs are executed through a strategically planned program design to receive the best results. Strategically designed programs enable users to implement different engaging programs as opposed to a single design. Lastly, there’ll be expert developers to provide assistance in designing profitably structured marketing programs for users.

Swell Rewards

Program Analytics and Integration

Swell Rewards displays all the details of users’ program with its return on investment information and performance metrics. Important integrations are also provided, which includes: email marketing, subscription billing, user-generated content etc. Smart subscription billing will bring new customers, and persuade existing subscribers to make purchases. An example of smart subscription would be giving current subscribers rewards if they refer users’ shop to another member. This reward cycle will benefit users by driving sales, and reward their subscribers by delivering affordable products. User-generated content will give reward points to customers if they perform a one-of-many easy online activities. These activities can be writing a mini review of the product, answering some surveys or sharing pictures and videos.

Swell Rewards Coupon and Price Plans

Swell Rewards has two plans which are called Self-Service, and Premium. The self-service plan has free sign-up for everyone, and it allows one thousand monthly order. The self-service plan contains ten plus rewards campaigns, program customization, and referral programs that’re flexible. There’s also an intelligent email capturing system, and an intuitive UI available inside Self-Service plan. Users have to request a demo to gain access to the Premium Plan by signing up and selecting order volume. Premium plan has dedicated manager, loyalty program, VIP-tier incentive programs, Strategic Deployment, Referral Marketing etc.

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