Survay Discount: Gain Exclusive Coupon On Price and Review

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Survay Discount

Using the power of surveys and appointment is very important in any marketing campaign. In general, separate tools are used for dealing with these two tasks. Survay is a combination of both these tools. That is why, it can be considered as a lethal marketing system.

Review and Features of the Survay

When you will deal with some customers, members, and clients, you have to know many things about them. Some surveys can be made to collect this information. After knowing about them, it is very important to give them the appointments. You can engage many customers by offering these facilities. Survay is an efficient marketing solution, which comes with a very impressive survey and an appointment tool. This solution comprises of various important features. Hence, take the reviewed powerful sales funnel software with discount and obtain the Survay coupon. Let’s have a look at some of its major features:

Multiple Survey Types

Survay is not an ordinary tool, which will work with only a single type of survey. Rather, this marketing system is capable of performing three different kinds of surveys. These three platforms include application, web, and site surveys. The same questionnaire can be used in all these platforms. In any application or survey page, it is very important to add some eye-catching content. This solution will let you add some videos on these pages. Similarly, some call to action buttons and countdown timers can also be added there. Survay is a customizable solution. It automatically selects a theme and a color scheme for each questionnaire. You will also get the power to customize these properties in a survey form or page.


Intelligent Questionnaire

Another very important feature of this platform is it comes with an intelligent questionnaire system. Depending on the answers of a visitor, it can automatically ask for some additional qualifications and ask some additional questions. Some statistical tools are also added to this product. One of these tools will help you to know the percentage of a specific answer of a particular question. This percentage will help you to take some necessary decisions. Similarly, Survay will provide some individual wise and group wise results of a survey. After collecting all these data, you will be allowed to create some appointments. Its appointment module is very easy to use.

Survay Discount and Impressive Pricing

Survay can be bought for a shorter period, or for a long period. The Monthly License of this software is available for only 67 USD/month. All the features discussed till now are available in it. These features are also added in the One Time License of this marketing system. To purchase this one, only 297 USD should be paid as per this post creating time excluding the discount. There is not recurring or renewal fee for this license. Survay offers some additional facilities too. For example, some necessary training videos are added to it. The Google Calendar can be integrated with the appointment module of this solution.

Therefore, please gain with Survay discount. In the conclusion, have the powerful sales funnel software with coupon.