Sunnytoo Discount: Avail Fantastic Coupon on Themes

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Sunnytoo Discount

Though there are different platforms for generating eCommerce shops, PrestaShop is still a very popular platform. It is possible to use this platform more easily by using necessary themes and modules. Sunnytoo provides impressive themes and modules.

Review and Features of Sunnytoo

There are various ways to generate eCommerce shops. A big number of show owners depend on PrestaShop to create their stores easily. It is possible to do this task even more easily by using a suitable theme. Similarly, PrestaShop features and functionalities can be accessed very easily by adding necessary modules to a website. Only a few companies provide these themes and modules. Sunnytoo is one of these companies. Its products are very impressive and affordable. Accordingly purchase the reviewed best selling eCommerce shops themes with discount and gain the Sunnytoo coupon.

Very Impressive Themes

Sunnytoo comes with several very useful PrestaShop themes. Among these items, Transformer is a useful one. This is a multipurpose template. That means, different kinds of eCom stores can be generated by using it. Though this product is already 5 years old, its design is modern and responsive. It supports seven predefined sidebars. Wishlist, loved products, search, shopping cart, and social sharing buttons are some of these sidebars. You will also be able to add unlimited custom sidebars. Similarly, this template supports mobile sidebars. That is why, you can design your site for desktops and mobile phones separately. Panda PrestaShop Template is another amazing product of Sunnytoo. A visual composer is a great feature of this template. Its drag and drop page builder will help create different kinds of responsive pages with ease. More than 20 modules are integrated with this template.


Useful Modules

Among different modules offered by this brand, Easycheckout is one of the bests. Sometimes, you may need to add a one-page checkout facility on your eCom store. In such a case, this module is very effective. These one-page checkouts can be used for social media login, showing address suggestions, and other reasons. ImageMagick is another impressive product of Sunnytoo. It is capable of generating eye-catching thumbnails using product images. More customers will get attracted to these sharp images.

Sunnytoo Discount and Pricing

We have mentioned only a few products of Sunnytoo. All these products are available for an affordable price. To purchase the Transformer Template, you just have to pay $69 except the discount. Along with its license, there is a six-month free support facility. With that, a customer can add an extended 12-month support. In that case, an additional $22.50 fee should be paid. Similarly, some other premium facilities can also be added. The Panda Template is available for only USD 75. Similarly, Easycheckout and ImageMagick modules are available for USD 95 and USD 49 respectively. Similarly, other modules and templates of Sunnytoo are very much affordable too.

Therefore, please obtain with Sunnytoo discount. In the conclusion, have the best selling eCommerce shops themes with coupon.