StreamReel Coupons & Promo Codes May 2022

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StreamReel coupon

StreamReel is capable of live streaming courses, meetings, training sessions, interviews, and any other type of content. It can stream on multiple social media platforms via pre-recorded or live videos.

Review of StreamReel

StreamReel enables you to create & manage live streams in 44 social media profiles simultaneously. Create a live stream from any pre-recorded or live video. Stream to profiles, groups, pages, LinkedIn, YouTube channels, and custom RTP on Facebook. Invite guests, share screens, manage and respond to comments across social media platforms. Customize your live stream with the help of an intuitive live stream studio. All of this is accomplished in three simple steps. To begin, log in from any device to the cloud dashboard. Livestream or upload a previously recorded video. Then schedule it to stream live. Customize your live stream with the help of an intuitive live stream studio. Include music, captions, voiceovers, logos, text, images, videos, and invitations. Finally, you can broadcast live or schedule and multi-stream your previously recorded video. Grab the live streaming software using our coupon here. Get the StreamReel discount now.

StreamReel’s features

StreamReel is loaded with incredible features and benefits. There is no need to visit each platform individually and repeat the same pitch. You can broadcast your live stream across 44 different social media platforms. You can engage and interact with audiences across all social media platforms with a single click. Distribute pre-recorded videos on social media platforms as live videos. Record a video and edit it until it’s flawless. Then, broadcast it live at the time and date of your choosing. The software provides multi-streaming to 44 social media platforms with a single click. Simulcast easily to platforms. Where your community resides, allowing viewers to watch and engage quickly.


The Software’s Highlights

StreamReel provides a variety of live streaming options. Users can view your screen in real-time or stream your webcam. With StreamReel, you have a variety of options for your live stream. You can even choose to simultaneously share your screen, webcam, and your guests’ screens. Simply point-and-click the desired option while live streaming or recording. Arrange for a guest interview to be recorded and streamed live. Conduct conversations with up to ten participants. With a single click, invite guests to your studio. Your guests are welcome to join using any device. They do not require any downloads. If you’re hosting a dynamic talk show, you can even swap guests in and out. Engage your audience through two-way communication across all of the sites you’re broadcasting. Display on-screen audience comments in real-time.

Pricing Structure for StreamReel

StreamReel offers two different pricing models. The price of the starter plan is USD 35. USD 39 is the price of the commercial plan. Today’s investment is entirely risk-free. If, for any reason, you believe StreamReel does not live up to its name. Send them an email, and they will promptly and courteously issue you a refund.

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