Streak Coupons, Discount Codes | August 2022 Promo

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Streak Coupon

Streak Review and Features

Streak allows users to manage the workflow of the users. Users will be able to keep track of the leads and bring conversion to the site in a short amount of time. Workflow management is one of the most important things in online business for multiple different reasons. Mostly because it enables the users to understand the users their progress in their work and the things they should do differently to see the progress of their work. Users can also track down the project and see the progress on the project of the users. Hence, take the reviewed customer relationship management platform with coupon and get the Streak discount.

Benefits of the Program

Streak allows users to maintain a business relationship with customers properly. Users will be able to manage their business relationships with the customers without any kind of issues at all. Users also can track down the funds as well. The fund tracking will enable the users to see the number of funds risen by the company in a time frame. This facility can be really useful for the NGO based company. The users also can prioritize packages and manage the support tickets as well.


So that whenever the clients need support from the users, users can provide their support according to the queue. Setting up this queue by this tool will save a lot of time for the users, users will be able to efficiently provide the service by this tool. In case of hiring a new employee to the company, users can track down the resumes sent by the candidate. Whenever a new resume is submitted by the candidate, they will be automatically provided notification by the company. As a result, users will never miss a chance to track down and find proper candidates for the vacant job position. If users are providing real estate service, with this tool users can easily manage the buyers and sellers inside one single platform.

Easy to Import

Streak provides a spreadsheet that is easy to import and work with. Even if the users are new to online business, they will be able to see progression with this application. They will be able to use the spreadsheet without any difficulties. The program has smart input types that include colors, fonts, formula, contact and much more. As a result, users can easily design workflow according to the standardized design of the company. As the program can be used from the mobile phone, users will be able to track down the workflow progress and manage the task.

Streak Coupon and Pricing

Streak has 2 packages to offer at the moment. It has an annual professing package priced at only 49 dollars. The enterprise package of this application priced at only 129 dollars for an annual period except the coupon. The professional monthly package of the program is only 50 dollars. The enterprise monthly package of the product  priced at only 159 dollars.

In the conclusion, please get with Streak coupon and buy the customer relationship management platform with discount.