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Storyxy Discount

Storyxy Review and Features

Storyxy provides users with many facilities. The program allows the users to create 3d animated videos in a short amount of time. The animated videos will help users to promote their business better online. Users will be able to get access to more audiences online. The program has an interactive design that will allow users to have a seamless experience. Users will be able to create videos without needing any kind of experience. In such way, get the reviewed interactive 3d animation video creation software with discount and avail the Storyxy coupon.

Benefits of the program

Storyxy provides the easy to use interface so that even newbies can use this tool. Users do not need a lot of editing skills to make the application better. Users do not need to worry about the flexibility of this application. It can be used in MacBook and PC. So users can use it any of the systems. The program provides 3D videos that are professional and prepared with care. This program provides 3D videos that will sell online. So that users do not need to worry about making interactive and engaging videos. There is no point investing time on a video that does not convert.


Therefore, users need to be assured that the videos are engaging enough to attract the audience. People these days get attracted to 3D videos as it gives them 360 views and better video resolution and the video looks realistic. The animation videos normally are widely accepted types of videos. 360-degree animation videos are intriguing and it will grow interested inside many customers. The program does not have any niche preference and it is completely niched flexible. Users can use this application in any niche. Users can completely get a result from this application by applying it to any niche they want.

Unlimited Videos

Storyxy provides users with the chance to create unlimited. It shows the users that they can create as many videos they want to promote their site easily. Users can use this application for multiple purposes and multiple business ventures as users will get access to finding unlimited videos on the websites. The program comes with 10 characters that include a lot of different kinds of facial expressions for the users. The program can create videos in 6 to 8 different camera angles. So that user can create unique videos by using this application. Users can load their voice to the voice or type text, it will automatically turn those voices into the speech.

Storyxy Discount and Pricing

Storyxy has one fixed price. The price of this application is only 39 dollars without the discount. The program has 30 days money-back guarantee. The payment of this application can be paid by PayPal, MasterCard and other payment modes. The videos can be exported in many different formats. It can be exported in SD and HD versions.

In the conclusion, please avail the interactive 3d animation video creation software with coupon and get with Storyxy discount.