StoryChief Coupons, Discount Codes | August 2022 Promo

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StoryChief Coupon

StoryChief Review and Features

Storychief is eligible for creating different types of content online and optimize the contents online. The program will provide users with the content calendar to post content. This program has a storytelling way that will enable the users to make sure that they can create content and schedule the content as well. The planning and scheduling of the content will enable the users to save a lot of time and post content automatically and very easily. The program publishes the content to the website within just one click. Users do not need to spend too much time on website publishing. Accordingly gain the reviewed effective content marketing automation software with coupon and availĀ  the StoryChief discount.

Benefits of the Program

StoryChief creates clean content for clean and publish content to the online media very easily. This program will streamline the work of contributors; users can join in and work with contributors by inviting the guest to write. All the work of the users will be on the screen all the time. The program also provides the users the proper tracking report so that users know how their website is performing in the business. Users will be able to see whether their program is progressing with the site. Users also can get track of how much time viewers spend on the article. Users also can measure the return on investment in the program.

So that users can know what kind of articles that the market niche of the users prefers. Users can get an overview of the performance of multiple users on the different channels. It includes not only the website, but also social media channels as well. Tracking all the channels together will offload a lot of pressure from the shoulder as well. The program provides the users a chance also to track leads based on every single post. The UTM traffic tracking will enable the users to track down the result of the users.

Measure the performance

Storychef also offers the users the opportunity to group the stories together and measure the performance. Sometimes users would want to chain the stories together and see the result. It will make easier for the users to evaluate the progression online. Users can schedule the content and assign writers whenever the task is given. The program also can track the clicks on the content and see how many people are visiting the website. The program can track down the google analytics and the demographics of the traffic as well.

StoryChief Coupon and Pricing

StoryChef priced at only 10 dollars except the coupon. The program also has a professional package. The package priced at only 99 dollars per month. The program allows the set goal with the campaign and sees how close the users reach the target. The users also will get set goals with the campaign, measure performance, and group stories.

Finally, we hope please purchase with StoryChief coupon and get the effective content marketing automation software with discount.