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Sticky Password and The Review

While using the computer system in a secured way, we need to assure the powerful password management tool. In this case, Sticky Password is a reliable one solution for any user. It is used as a password manager and it can also perform the task of form filling. It affords a single master password for all sections by which the essential data can be kept in safe mood. In case of online browsing and shopping activity, Sticky Password ensures the best and user friendly security system. Avail the user friendly security system with the coupon.

Summary On This Tool

SP ensures some basic conditions in the password management section. While using this tool, it provides a master password which won’t be saved in the database section or the browser. In fact; this master password is saved in the authorizer’s memory. For the data encryption process, SP ensures AES-256 based encryption technology. Due to having this condition, the hackers can’t access into the user’s data quite simply. In fact; this security system is used in the military section and in government organization. The data sync system can also be managed in the offline mode while using WiFi or manual process. Use our Sticky Password discount with the coupon when purchase this highly functional product.

Sticky-Password coupon

Active Functionalities Offered Here

Generally, users afford different passwords in different sections for assuring the best security mode of the data. To eliminate this problem, the tool affords a single password by which you can control all other passwords. It is able to fill the forms in an automatic way. In case of user’s need, it is able to generate strong password for the users. For the security issue of credit card, it manages an option by which the credit card number can be stored.

Security Issue: Data encryption process is a needed one term for securing any data. To manage this task, Sticky Password offers the best technology. With this technology, the master password can manage all other passwords with the corresponding data. The password will be locked in the database section in an automatic way and the users can control them whenever they want. This process can be handled from the cloud section also.

Additional Facilities

This is able to perform its activities almost in all OS versions like Mac, Android, iOS and Windows PC. T is also compatible with 16 major browsers. The synchronization process can be controlled through the cloud server or local Wi-Fi. Besides, it also offers the portable version. To retrieve the encrypted password, the practical backup system is available here. Due to this facility, you can access into the database section of encrypted password even the device loses.

Sticky Password Coupon Code & Pricing

To get the Premium version of Sticky Password, you need to pay only $29.99 for each year excluding the coupon. For Lifetime license, only $149.99 is asked.

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