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Review of StaffCop & Its Editions

There are so many software of various companies which can monitor the activities done on remote computers. Suppose you have children in your home and they use computers. When you will go office, they can do whatever they want on the home computers. They can waste their time by playing games, online chatting and watching inappropriate contents. So it is very important to monitor their activities. Similarly, you have to control the computer usages of the employees of your office. To do these, you have to use a remote PC monitoring solution. It can be a good choice for you. Take note of all the activities done on the remote computers by purchasing StaffCop with the discount coupon. This solution has some editions. Some of those are:

Features of Home Edition

Reliable logs for the activities done on the targeted computer will be created by the Home Edition of the software. This product will also provide you only those data that you are looking for. That means the functionality of this product is completely customizable. Scheduling option has made this software more efficient. Now let’s see which information can be recorded by this. To monitor the current activities on the monitor, this software capture the screenshot of the computer screen. The runtime of all the applications and programs will be tracked by the StaffCop Home. It also has the keyboard typing tracker program also. Sometimes it will be very important to know the children chat with whom and what. This product will perfectly record all the instant messages very efficiently. It will help you to block some websites and applications which are not appropriate for children. The privacy will be kept by this software and it can send necessary notifications. Get this secured tool with our StaffCop coupon.

Standard Version Advantages

The Standard Version of StaffCop has all the features of the Home Edition and some advanced features also. This one will let you remotely install and uninstall several modules. The number of agents can also be fixed by this. It is very helpful for adding any number of administrator modules. This product Standard has the ability to block connecting new USD memory devices. The user activity monitoring system has been added in this product also. With work time logging and more advanced activity monitoring, the Enterprise Edition of StaffCop is available. It is very popular one for the corporate sector.

Coupon Code & Pricing of These Product

You can purchase the Home Edition of this software by paying only $33 for one computer. For the license of more number of computer, the pricing is more attractive. If you get 10 licenses of this software, then the total cost should be paid is $280. According to the time of creating this review, the unit price of the Standard Edition of StaffCop is only 43 USD without any facility. Volume discount facility is also available for this edition. If you purchase this for 2-20 computers, then the price per computer will be only 39 USD. For the educational organizations, you can purchase this product by reducing the price. Use our coupon to purchasing this user and employee monitoring as well as tracking software. Get this StaffCop discount today by using the aforementioned code.