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SqlBak Discount

Review of SqlBak

SqlBak was established in 2003 and it got more than one million installations in a very short time. SqlBak became popular for providing backup services, and its servers don’t require firewall configuration. Users need to install the software’s client on their SQL server, and configurations are auto-completed on the website. The backup service benefits companies who have multiple servers to maintain, and helps administrators to manage database servers. Users can use SqlBak client to backup and restore data from the software’s database and also from other external storages. Communication to the web server is secure and hence, the system’s service is trusted by fifteen-hundred businesses. New users can go to Demo page on the application’s website to learn the mechanics of the system. Thus, get the reviewed best backup & monitor desktop web browser application with discount and obtain the SqlBak coupon.

Schedule Backups, and Dashboard

Users can schedule multiple backups throughout the day by using SqlBak’s scheduler. All backup files are listed on the software’s Control Panel page where users can check backup status. The Control Panel page also shows the status of scheduled and not scheduled backups. The Dashboard’s mechanics and its other functions can be tested from the application’s Demo page. Users can see the name of the computer and data information from the Dashboard’s backup list. Similarly, different actions can be taken such as running the server, downloading the backups, and deleting backups. Clicking on the listed database will enable users to see detailed information and history of all actions taken.


Monitoring Services, and Notification

SqlBak checks the performance and server condition automatically, which are displayed in the Health check page. Health check monitors the storage capacity of the users’ system and displays the status in different formats. The status of users’ storage is displayed as a pie chart, graph, storage percentage, and actual file sizes. There’s also notification system which emails a detailed report of performance and backup health status. Users have to provide their email address to receive notifications and it can be more than one email address. Users will receive emails if their computer becomes offline, or if the database size goes beyond a certain limit. Blog post regarding different SQL backup services is available and it talks about Azure, Amazon database etc.

SqlBak Discount and Price Plans

SqlBak is free to download, and the free plan keeps backup history for one month. The Standard plan is $6, and it keeps backup history for six months and alerts users every ten minutes without any kind of promo code. The Professional plan alerts users on 5 minute intervals and stores backup history for one year. The Professional plan is available for $9, and allows cloud-storages such as: Amazon S3, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. Lastly, users will get AES Encryption and extended support with the Professional plan.

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